[Idea] Decentralized & federated inventory management
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[Idea] Decentralized & federated inventory management

What we need

We need a simple inventory management that keeps track of our material (wiring, devices, microphones, screens etc), their state (working, broken, last checked), their location, their owners (since our pool is made from different projects) and ideally when they are used.

What we tried

While complicated asset management systems exist, they are often too overkill and hard to use. We do not need to store large quantities of items, we do not need to track many purchases, we do not need FIFO queues etc.
In contrary, there are some systems for community-maintained stuff, but they are hard to scale to large quantities. You can't easily keep track of many items and their properties, you can't book 50 things for an event at once, they are more focused to "let's share that one bike and that one tool in the neighbourhood".

What we are planning here

This is at the moment merely an idea, but we hope to build a simple and federated inventory management system that is easy to setup. It would be cool if you could setup a pool of stuff, share it to others (e.g. to projectxy@example.com) and receive shares from others (peter@hostname.invalid shared 2 screens and a bike with you).
It should be focused on being used for events (that is with scheduling the uses and maybe having some special features like managing mandatory electrical safety checks), but should stay usable as a generic tools for associations and everyone else who frequently shares material with others and needs a tool for that.


First of all, if you know a solution that might be worth a look, please reach out to us. We do not want to reinvent the wheel!
Secondly, if you have any hints how such a system could be designed, please let us know.
Also if you are interested in funding the development, in testing features, or you have ideas what should be implemented, we're glad to see a network.
Lastly, if you have some spare time and know how to code, let's talk about the design and some requirements and start.

Thank you for reading through!