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[WIP] Decentralized & federated (idea) inventory management

Updated 1 month ago

Configuration files for our MkDocs homepage. Content is taken from a separate cloud folder.

Updated 3 months ago

V 1 0

Playground: Experiments with vlang.io to prepare for pre-production use.

Updated 4 months ago

Political Q&A platform

Updated 8 months ago

V 0 0

Legacy / No longer maintained (successor is "nachgefragt"): Political campaigning software, currently in dirty-alpha. Contribution welcome.

Updated 8 months ago

V 2 0

VTurn is a tourney management platform for a recurring event which is managed by our event project. This is the backend code. Highly WIP.

Updated 12 months ago

A simple live stream embedding page

Updated 2 years ago

Frontend for the VTurn project.

Updated 2 years ago