Redesigned website based on static-site generator Hugo
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License is based on the work of There has been a lot of adaptions since its shutdown in September 2019. We added graphics, rearranged entries, updated texts and much more. Nevertheless, it still guides us on our way.

All content was, is and will always be licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0. Excluded are the logos/icons of the entries, which are included under Fair Use and keep their original licensing.


This site is only possible thanks to free and open projects like:

  • The original site, that went offline in September 2019, but was restored here
  • Hugo: A powerful open-source static site generator
  • A non-profit and non-government organization, that gives our codebase a home - powered by Gitea.


We try our best to refurbisch, update and maintain this website. Right now, we are preparing the first release to replace the original “” backup.

Nevertheless, this project has a lot of content. So please, have a look around and open an issue in case you find mistakes or deprecated information.

We also appreciate your proposals and ideas for new content. If you want to create some yourself, feel free to fork this repository and send us a pull request with your changes.

Currently used Hugo version: v0.61.0