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  2. title: Etienne Baqué
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  5. <section id="cvTitle" class="cv-section">
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  7. <h1>Software developer</h1>
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  12. <li>Nationalities: French, Canadian</li>
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  17. <i class="fa fa-file-pdf-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> <a href="" target="_blank">Download CV</a>
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  24. <h2>Work experience</h2>
  25. <!-- GitLab -->
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  29. <a href="" target="_blank">
  30. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/gitlab.png" alt="gitlab_logo" width="150" height="42" style="padding-right: 15px;" />
  31. </a>
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  33. <div class="column cv-role gitlab">
  34. <span class="role-title">Backend Engineer at <a href="" target="_blank">GitLab</a>, Remote</span>
  35. <span class="cv-time-period">(June 2019 - Present)</span>
  36. </div>
  37. </div>
  38. <div>
  39. <span class="role-period">June 2019 - Present: <a href="" target="_blank">Release team (Progressive Delivery)</a></span>:
  40. <ul>
  41. <li>Development, rspec test coverage, documentation and demos of new CI/CD functionalities.</li>
  42. <li>Perform code-reviews on all parts of the Rails core app daily.</li>
  43. <li>Created <a href="" target="_blank">project</a> from scratch to make it possible to deploy to AWS as part of <a href="" target="_blank">Auto DevOps</a> process (here's <a href="" target="_blank">a demo</a> of work done as part of an iteration).</li>
  44. </ul>
  45. <div class="environment">
  46. <span class="role-desc">Techs</span>: GitLab, Ruby on Rails 5, Rspec, Postgresql, Docker, AWS &amp; AWS CLI.
  47. </div>
  48. </div>
  49. </div>
  50. <!-- Financeit -->
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  54. <a href="" target="_blank">
  55. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/financeit.png" alt="financeit_logo" width="150" height="42" style="padding-right: 15px;" />
  56. </a>
  57. </div>
  58. <div class="column cv-role financeit">
  59. <span class="role-title">Full-stack developer at <a href="" target="_blank">Financeit</a>, Toronto, Canada</span>
  60. <span class="cv-time-period">(January 2016 - June 2019)</span>
  61. </div>
  62. </div>
  63. <div>
  64. <ul>
  65. <li>Maintained and developed new features on the Financeit platform, on the front-end (Ember) as well as on the back-end (Rails).</li>
  66. <li>Wrote Rspec and Cucumber tests.</li>
  67. <li>Integrated third-party services such as <a href="" target="_blank">Stripe</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Flinks</a>.</li>
  68. <li>Worked on fixing live issues and technical debt.</li>
  69. <li>Code-reviewed team members' work, as part of the delivery process.</li>
  70. <li>Improved admin services and the platform overall during 10% projects.</li>
  71. </ul>
  72. <div class="environment">
  73. <span class="role-desc">Techs</span>: Ruby on Rails 4, Ember 2, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Coffeescript, Sass, Git, Capistrano, Nginx, Unix, Codeship, Jira.
  74. </div>
  75. </div>
  76. </div>
  77. <!-- Transparency International Georgia -->
  78. <div class="experience">
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  81. <a href="" target="_blank">
  82. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/tig.png" alt="tig_logo" width="150" height="42" style="padding-right: 15px;" />
  83. </a>
  84. </div>
  85. <div class="column cv-role tig">
  86. <span class="role-title">Web developer / IT Manager at <a href="" target="_blank">Transparency International Georgia</a>, Tbilisi, Georgia</span>
  87. <span class="cv-time-period">(October 2013 - May 2015)</span>
  88. </div>
  89. </div>
  90. <div>
  91. <ul>
  92. <li>Worked with the IT team to maintain and improve TI Georgia’s scraper programs (eg. asset declarations scraper, procurement scraper, etc) that gather data from government-run websites, to feed TI Georgia’s anti-corruption focused websites (eg. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and more).</li>
  93. <li>Managed IT team (task distribution, hired new members, improved IT infrastructure).</li>
  94. <li>Co-created a report on <a href="" target="_blank">Open Data guidelines and best practices</a>, which were to be followed by the Ministry of Justice in Georgia. The Ministry was defining the Georgian action plan (commitments) as part of the <a href="" target="_blank">Open Government Partnership</a>. Participated in meetings with public officials to present this report.</li>
  95. </ul>
  96. <div class="environment">
  97. <span class="role-desc">Techs</span>: Java, Python, Ruby, Spring 3.x, Django 1.6, Ruby on Rails 3 & 4, Git, MySQL, Postgres, Apache Tomcat 6, Jenkins.
  98. </div>
  99. </div>
  100. </div>
  101. <!-- RealDecoy -->
  102. <div class="experience">
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  104. <div class="column is-narrow logo">
  105. <a href="" target="_blank">
  106. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/realdecoy.png" alt="RealDecoy" width="166" height="30" style="padding-right: 20px;" />
  107. </a>
  108. </div>
  109. <div class="column cv-role rd">
  110. <span class="role-title">Web developer at <a href="" target="_blank">RealDecoy</a>, Ottawa, Canada</span>
  111. <span class="cv-time-period">(January 2011 - September 2013)</span>
  112. </div>
  113. </div>
  114. <div>
  115. <ul>
  116. <li>Developed Spring-powered websites integrating Oracle Endeca solutions (<a href="" target="_blank">OEC (e-commerce)</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">OEID (data discovery)</a>).</li>
  117. <li>Improved development processes (eg continuous integration with Jenkins, development process for OEC demos for pre-sales team).</li>
  118. <li>Worked with sales representatives in order to define selling points, and then refine demos accordingly, before presenting demos to potential customers.</li>
  119. </ul>
  120. <div class="environment">
  121. <span class="role-desc">Techs</span>: Spring Framework 3.0, Endeca Commerce, Endeca Information Discovery, Maven, SVN, Oracle Linux 5, Jenkins.
  122. </div>
  123. </div>
  124. </div>
  125. <!-- Celad - Software developer -->
  126. <div class="experience">
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  128. <div class="column is-narrow logo">
  129. <a href="" target="_blank">
  130. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/celad.jpg" alt="celad_logo2" width="135" height="61" />
  131. </a>
  132. </div>
  133. <div class="column cv-role celad">
  134. <span class="role-title">Software Engineer, at <a href="" target="_blank">Celad</a>, Toulouse, France</span>
  135. <span class="cv-time-period">(January 2009 - August 2010)</span>
  136. </div>
  137. </div>
  138. <div>
  139. <ul>
  140. <li>Developed new features for Natixis' accounting control software (Java) and PL/SQL Batch programs.</li>
  141. </ul>
  142. </div>
  143. </div>
  144. <!-- Accenture - Junior Software Engineer -->
  145. <div class="experience">
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  148. <a href="" target="_blank">
  149. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/accenture.jpg" alt="accenture_logo" width="162" height="90" style="padding-right: 20px;" />
  150. </a>
  151. </div>
  152. <div class="column cv-role accenture">
  153. <span class="role-title">Junior Software Engineer at <a href="" target="_blank">Accenture</a>, Dublin, Ireland</span>
  154. <span class="cv-time-period">(September 2007 - December 2008)</span>
  155. </div>
  156. </div>
  157. <div>
  158. <ul>
  159. <li>Upgraded functionalities of the <a href="" target="_blank">Revenue Online Services</a> Java EE website, maintained existing services, managed ROS releases, planned and ran unit tests.</li>
  160. </ul>
  161. </div>
  162. </div>
  163. </div>
  164. </section>
  165. <section class="cv-section">
  166. <div class="container">
  167. <h2>Personal projects & other experiences</h2>
  168. <!-- GDG Kisumu 2019 -->
  169. <div class="experience">
  170. <div class="columns">
  171. <div class="column is-narrow logo">
  172. <a href="" target="_blank">
  173. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/gdg.png" alt="gdg-logo" width="150" height="51" style="padding-right: 15px;" />
  174. </a>
  175. </div>
  176. <div class="column cv-role gdg">
  177. <span class="role-title">Talk at Devfest Western Kenya 2019, Kisumu, Kenya</span>
  178. <span class="cv-time-period">(Novembre 2019)</span>
  179. </div>
  180. </div>
  181. <div>
  182. <p>I gave <a href="">a talk at the GDG Western Kenya Devfest 2019</a>, in Kisumu, Kenya. As I spoke to a 300+ people crowd with mostly students in it, I was asked to share my overall experience as a developer since I graduated back in 2007.</p>
  183. <br />
  184. <p>Everything related to my presentation (slides, links) can be found <a href="{{ site.url }}/devfest2019">here</a>.</p>
  185. </div>
  186. </div>
  187. <!-- Courier Bot project -->
  188. <div class="experience">
  189. <div class="columns">
  190. <div class="column cv-role">
  191. <span class="role-title">- <a href="" target="_blank">Courier Bot</a></span>
  192. <span class="cv-time-period">(October 2018)</span>
  193. </div>
  194. </div>
  195. <div>
  196. <p>Courier Bot is a simple SMS reporting proof of concept.</p>
  197. <p>Targeted to humanitarian aid activities, it enables frontliners to send requests and quick reports via text messages to an admin.</p>
  198. <p>On the admin side, Courier Bot leverages websockets to display messages as they come, which opens great possibilities for easy monitoring.</p>
  199. <br />
  200. <p>More information about the Courier Bot project <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. A demo is available <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> (login: - password: sms_is_alive).</p>
  201. <div class="environment">
  202. <span class="role-desc">Techs</span>: Rails 5, Action Cable (websockets), <a href="" target="_blank">Twilio</a> API, Redis, Bootstrap, Nginx.
  203. </div>
  204. </div>
  205. </div>
  206. <!-- Madloba project -->
  207. <div class="experience">
  208. <div class="columns">
  209. <div class="column is-narrow logo">
  210. <a href="" target="_blank">
  211. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/madloba.png" alt="Dark Green on transparent square" width="80" height="80" />
  212. </a>
  213. </div>
  214. <div class="column cv-role madloba">
  215. <span class="role-title"><a href="" target="_blank">Madloba</a></span>
  216. <span class="cv-time-period">(2014 - 2016)</span>
  217. </div>
  218. </div>
  219. <div>
  220. <p>Madloba is an open-source CMS project.</p>
  221. <p>A Madloba website consists of a map-based website that can be used to find what your neighbours have to give away. Once set up on a server, a Madloba website focuses on one city at a time, encouraging people from this city to reuse and recycle objects of all kind within their community.</p>
  222. <p>I worked with <a href="" target="_blank">MAC Georgia</a> to customize an implementation of Madloba for them, as they needed a tool to locate services for children with disabilities in Georgia.</p>
  223. <br />
  224. <p>More about the Madloba project <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. A demo implementation (focusing on the city of Ottawa) can be tested <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. Finally, the repository where the project lives is <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
  225. <div class="environment">
  226. <span class="role-desc">Techs</span>: Rails 4 (with Capistrano, Devise, Pundit, Delayed_job, Faye Websockets, etc), AWS S3, Mapping technologies (Leaflet JS library, Mapbox, OSM, MapQuest WS), Bootstrap, Postgres, Git, Nginx, Travis CI.
  227. </div>
  228. </div>
  229. </div>
  230. <!-- Aljazeera hackathon -->
  231. <div class="experience">
  232. <div class="columns">
  233. <div class="column is-narrow logo">
  234. <a href="" target="_blank">
  235. <img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/img/aljazeera.png" alt="al-jazeera-logo" width="150" height="51" style="padding-right: 15px;" />
  236. </a>
  237. </div>
  238. <div class="column cv-role aj">
  239. <span class="role-title">Al Jazeera's "Media in context" hackathon, Doha, Qatar</span>
  240. <span class="cv-time-period">(Novembre 2014)</span>
  241. </div>
  242. </div>
  243. <div>
  244. <p>I was one of the 85 people selected (out of 1600 applicants) to participate in the first hackathon organized by Al Jazeera (in Doha, Qatar), called <a href="" target="_blank">Media in Context</a>.</p>
  245. <p>Our team created a prototype called <a href="" target="_blank">MapCake</a>. It allows the author of a new article to map recent related stories which took places in different locations. The purpose is to gain new insights about the story this author is working on, by knowing when and where other related stories were published.</p>
  246. <p>The project won the “best situational context solution” award. Read more about it <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
  247. </div>
  248. </div>
  249. <!-- Girls that code -->
  250. <div class="experience">
  251. <div class="cv-role">
  252. <div class="girls-that-code">
  253. <span class="role-title">- "Girls that code" initiative, Tbilisi, Georgia</span>
  254. <span class="cv-time-period">(2014 - 2015)</span>
  255. </div>
  256. </div>
  257. <div>
  258. <p>In 2014 and 2015, I participated (as a teacher) to an initiative called “Girls that code”, created by <a href="" target="_blank">Jumpstart</a>, a Tbilisi-based NGO.</p>
  259. <p>The aim of Girls that code is to promote the presence of women in the tech industry. Over weekly classes, 2 devs from Jumpstart and I taught Ruby to a group of women, coming from diverse professional backgrounds. By teaching the basics of programming, we wanted to show how programming could help them in their professional activities.</p>
  260. <p>Read more about it <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
  261. </div>
  262. </div>
  263. </div>
  264. </section>
  265. <section class="cv-section">
  266. <div class="container">
  267. <h2>Education</h2>
  268. <div>
  269. <p>2002 - 2007: MIAGE Master’s degree (Computer Science & Business Management) - University of Toulouse (France).</p>
  270. </div>
  271. </div>
  272. </section>
  273. <section class="cv-section">
  274. <div class="container experience">
  275. <h2>Tech interests, languages, trainings</h2>
  276. <div>
  277. <span class="role-desc">Tech interests</span>:
  278. <ul>
  279. <li>Personal projects are hosted on <a href="" target="_blank">Codeberg</a>, a <a href="" target="_blank">Gitea</a> implementation run by a non-profit organization based in Germany.</i>
  280. <li>Self-hosting: Synology NAS for file backup, and a <a href="" target="_blank">Freedombox</a> on a RaspberryPi for personal data.</li>
  281. <li>Workflow: <a href="" target="_blank">Ansible project</a> for laptop provisioning, <a href="" target="_blank">dotfiles</a>.</li>
  282. <li>Preferred OS: Debian Xfce.</li>
  283. </ul>
  284. <div class="other">
  285. <span class="role-desc">Languages</span>: French (Native Speaker), English (Fluent), Spanish (Beginner).
  286. </div>
  287. <div class="other">
  288. <span class="role-desc">Public speaking</span>: Completed the <a href="" target="_blank">Christopher Leadership Course</a> (CLC1 and Advanced courses).
  289. </div>
  290. </div>
  291. </div>
  292. </section>
  293. <section class="cv-section">
  294. <div class="container">
  295. <h2>Personal interests</h2>
  296. <div>
  297. <ul>
  298. <li>Family time, running, yoga, hiking, reading, playing the piano (<a href="" target="_blank">Scott Joplin</a> FTW).</li>
  299. </ul>
  300. </div>
  301. </div>
  302. </section>