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module MapHelper
SETTINGS_ATTRIBUTES = [:chosen_map, :latitude, :longitude, :city, :state, :country, :zoom_level, :demo]
MAP_SERVICE_ATTRIBUTES = [:mapbox_api_key, :mapbox_map_name, :mapbox_tile_url, :mapbox_attribution, :mapquest_api_key, :open_street_map_tile_url, :open_street_map_attribution]
def init_map_settings
@osm = MapTile.open_street_map
@mapbox = MapTile.mapbox
@mapquest = MapTile.mapquest
@settings = Setting.all
self.chosen_map = @settings.find_by_key('chosen_map')
%w(api_key map_name attribution).each {|key| self.send("mapbox_#{key}=", @mapbox.send(key))}
self.mapbox_tile_url = @mapbox.url_builder
self.mapquest_api_key = @mapquest.api_key
%w(tile_url attribution).each {|key| self.send("open_street_map_#{key}=", @osm.send(key))}
SETTINGS_ATTRIBUTES.each {|key| self.send("#{key}=", @settings.find_by_key(key).try(:value))}