Config files extending thoughtbot's dotfiles -
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Etienne Baqué 4fde91df53 Fixed git config include 1 month ago
config/nvim Added Neovim config 3 years ago
zsh/completion Added eksctl completion 2 years ago
.gitignore Updated gitignore, added grm alias 2 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit 4 years ago Updated readme file 1 year ago
agignore Added alias, updated agignore and vimrc 2 years ago
aliases.local Added f and ai aliases 3 months ago
ctags Added better ctags config 3 years ago
gitconfig.local Fixed git config include 1 month ago
gitignore Added nice aliases for work on GitLab 2 years ago
irbrc Added irbrc and pryrc 3 years ago
pryrc Added irbrc and pryrc 3 years ago
scripts.local Added backup_to_nas script 2 months ago
tmux.conf.local Changed tmux status bar 3 years ago
vimrc.bundles.local Added lightline vim plugin 2 months ago
vimrc.local Modified lightline config 2 months ago
zshrc.local Updated GOPATH 2 months ago

Etienne's dotfiles

  1. Install Oh my Zsh and RCM.
  2. Run the following:
git clone git:// ~/dotfiles
git clone git:// ~/dotfiles-local
env RCRC=$HOME/dotfiles/rcrc rcup

Check out thoughbot's dotfiles repo for more info.