Small tool to track all the work you did during the day (so you can report back during standup)
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Shell Track Task

Every time I start working for a new company they have a list of software that we are allowed to install in the computers.

Due to this, I always have to use a different software set to keep track of what I'm doing. I do not need anything fancy, I just want:

  • Track what I have done yesterday so I can report in the standups:
    • Add new tasks
    • Describe tasks for a given day
  • Have the historical data on local storage (most companies do not allow cloud usage for internal things)

The goals:

  • As little as possible third-party libraries (I need to run this in any machine)
  • It must be fast
  • It must be simple

That's why this tool was born. The data is stored as a JSON, so if you want to export/import it should be easy.

  • Dependencies:
    • jq
    • moreutils (due to sponge)


You need to setup where the entries should be saved: SHELL_TRACK_TASK_FILE='/tmp/my.json'


  • Add a new entry: ./ -a 'Doing some good work'
  • List yesterday tasks: ./ -f -1d
  • List all tasks: ./ -l


You can add an alias to your dotfile: alias track="sh PATH_TO_THE_REPO/"