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<p>Hi, my name is Elias. Nice to meet you.
I create stuff for living. And well... I am also a Software Engineer, at the moment I work at Huawei. I'm working at the SRE R&D lab, building tools to be used by engineers oncall. Right now focused on monitoring tools.</p>
<p>Previously I worked on projects like Redshift (Amazon AWS) and financial systems (Stripe, Cielo, Banco Original, Banco Votorantim). </p>
<p>I'm a programming languagues nerd, I enjoy reading about theory and trying out different languages.
<p>I used a lot in the past: Java, Ruby and Python. I know a little bit of Go and I'm trying to learn Rust, Clojure and Haskell. I have played with much more languages and paradigms tho :).</p>
<p>You can find some of my work at my <a href=""><img src="img/GitHub-Mark-32px.png" class="git" />GitHub</a> <sup>[<a href="">codeberg mirror</a>]</sup>.
You can also check my 🌱<a href="">digital garden</a>, where I keep
all my notes about what I'm learning.</p>
<p>If you want more info about me you can check my <a href="">personal page on my Digital Garden</a>.
You can also ask me at <a href="">Twitter</a> or chat with me on <a href="">Matrix</a>.</p>