Subscription and contract management app for Android based on Ionic and Angular. Written in TypeScript.
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Subscription and contract management app for Android based on Ionic and Angular. Written in TypeScript.


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  • Add subscriptions and details like costs, billing interval, contract durations and cancelation period
  • Show all subscriptions and their costs
  • Show days until next billing
  • Switch subscription cost overview to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Modify and delete subscriptions
  • Search for specific subscriptions
  • Sort subscriptions by name, costs, etc.
  • Optional reminder for reaching cancelation period of subscriptions


  • UI: Force Dark-mode
  • Region: Currency, date format
  • Data management: Local backup and restore



Build the app

git clone
cd Subz
npm i
ionic build --prod
npx cap sync
npx cap open android

Now you can run a build within Android Studio. You could also run it in a browser with ionic serve. Enjoy!


Feel free to help me improving Subz in any possible way! These are some examples of how you could help:

  • File an issue: Did you notice a bug while using Subz or do you have some ideas of how we could enhance it? File an issue and I will notice it!
  • Tell others about Subz: I wanted to create something which not only helps me but also others. Everybody knows the struggle of forgetting to cancel a contract in time. I want that to be a problem of the past, so please help me to help others and tell them about Subz!
  • Translate: Subz is not (fully) localized in your language? You are welcome to help. Localization is handled on Weblate.
  • Start coding: Are you familiar with Typescript, HTML, SCSS, Angular and or Ionic? Nice! Please file issues first and reference to them in the commit like Fixes bad behaviour xy, closes #1. If you want to contribute new features please wait for my response because I want to keep the app as clean and straightforward as possible. :-)


If you want to support the development by a donation, you are very welcome to do so. That would allow me to invest more time into the development as I'm a student and working on Subz in my free time.

Donate using Liberapay

You can also contact me via E-Mail.

Thanks to

  • mondstern for his beautiful acrylic painting of the Subz logo
  • All translators which helped localizing Subz via Weblate. I don't mention each one specifically because that's so much work :-)
  • All donators!