Subscription and contract management app for Android based on Ionic and Angular. Written in TypeScript.
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New release template This template is only for preparing new releases.

Prepare release for vX.X.X

  • All pending issues for this release milestone are resolved (except this one)
  • Fastlane changelogs for at least english are provided
  • (Optional) Update fastlane screenshots
  • (Optional) Update Readme
  • Updated version in package.json and android/app/build.gradle (versionCode + versionName)
  • Create a tagged release for main like vX.X.X
  • Build Subz locally
  • Update


  • Merge source code + built web artifacts in fdroid branch
  • Searched for closed source components, removed if found
  • Create a tagged release for fdroid like vX.X.X-fdroid