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Track your food and nutrition easily and fast. Still in early development.

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Google Play is still in testing phase at the moment. Drop me a message and include your Gmail address to participate!



  • Track your meals including calories, macro- and micronutrients
  • Use several databases or create custom meals
    • Currently Open Food Facts, the Swiss Food Composition Database and USDA FoodData Central are supported
  • Search meals by product name or just scan the EAN code
    • the EAN code of the first matching custom food will be used or
    • Open Food Facts will be searched if that database is activated and no matching custom food was found
  • Get meal suggestions based on your last tracked meals
  • Set targets for macro- and micronutrients including calculating them based on your personal details
  • See your daily nutrition details
  • Create an encrypted backup with WebDAV and restore it


This app is built with Flutter.

  1. Download and setup flutter: https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install
  2. Clone repository: git clone https://codeberg.org/epinez/Energize.git && cd Energize
  3. Install dependencies: flutter pub get
  4. Run build runner to generate types: dart run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs
  5. Build and install: flutter run


As this app is still in an early stage, a few things have still to be developed. The app is usable but sometimes has rough edges. If you want to be a tester on Google Play, feel free to write me a message and include your Gmail-address.

At this development stage you are very welcome to:

  • Create issues for things not working as intended
  • Help translating via Weblate:   Übersetzungsstatus
  • Make feature requests (However, they are probably low priority right now)


If you want to support the development by a donation, you are very welcome to do so! Creating this app is a lot of fun but also a very time consuming task and sometimes leads to little frustration :-).

Donate using Liberapay

BTC: 35DcbAwi66LDyvxfpmvxVrM7nYrrZVC59k

Release preparations

  1. Make sure to match the version number in:
  • pubspec.yaml
  • lib/pages/tab_settings/about_sub_page.dart
  • lib/services/food_database_bindings/open_food_facts/open_food_facts_binding.dart
  1. Compile with flutter build apk
  2. Don't forget changelogs!

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