A micro webservice service to handle dispatching items for delivery using an experimental cryptographic identity system
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Open Dispatch Daemon

A micro webservice to handle dispatching orders for delivery using an experimental cryptographic identity/verification system called Simple Signed Requests

Uses a front-end interface like open-dispatch

Currently WIP that doesn’t do much, yet!


You must have Go development environment working. Please follow the official install instructions to get going. Once done, proceed with the following

Postgres (docker)

Use Docker to start a postgres database:

$ docker-compose up -d

Postgres (manual)

For install on Debian 10+ machines

$ sudo apt install postgresql

Create a database and user with credentials to create databases

$ sudo -u postgres psql
[sudo] password for user:
psql (12.2 (Debian 12.2-1+b1))
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# CREATE user dispatch with encrypted password 'skrtpsswrd' createdb;
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE dispatch OWNER dispatch;
postgres=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE dispatch to dispatch;
postgres=# \q


Now clone and build the daemon

$ go get https://codeberg.org/eotl/open-dispatch-daemon
$ cd $GOPATH

Add the following ENV variable (for PostGres) and build the code

$ export POSTGRES_URL=postgres://dispatch:skrtpsswd@
$ cd src/codeberg.org/eotl/open-dispatch-daemon/cmd
$ go build

Assuming it builds with no errors, you should be able to the run the daemon


On the first run of the system use the -c flag to create database You can run it on a custom port with the -p flag and -o to enable CORS

$ ./cmd -c
$ ./cmd -p 8181
$ ./cmd -p 8181 -o


Run basic testing coverage from the root project directory with

$ go test ./...

Tested with minimum Go version 1.13.6

Sign Requests

With sign.go you can sign JSON requests:

$ cat req.json | go run cmd/sign/sign.go -p private_ed25519.key | http POST ':8080/api/create'

req.json is a shipment.