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Conan Center Index is the source index of recipes of the ConanCenter package repository for Conan.

This repository includes a Continuous Integration system that will build automatically the Conan packages for the recipes submitted via Pull Request.

How to consume recipes

ConanCenter is added as a remote by default to Conan client, so starting to use recipes from this repository is as easy as running one simple command after installing Conan:

conan install name/version@ [-g <generator>]

Of course, we really encourage you to use a conanfile.txt or to list all the requirements or your project and install them all together (Conan will build a single graph and ensure congruency).

⚠️ It is very important to notice that recipes will evolve over time and, while they are fixing some issues, they might introduce new features and improvements, and your project can break if you upgrade them (How to prevent these breaking changes in my project?).


All the documentation is available in this same repository in the docs/ subfolder.

This is a list of shortcuts to some interesting topics:

Reporting Issues

You can open issues in the issue tracker to:

  • 🐛 Report bugs/issues in a package:

    • Use the [package] tag in the title of the issue to help identifying them.
    • If you detect any issue or missing feature in a package, for example, a build failure or a recipe that not support a specific configuration.
    • Specify the name and version (zlib/1.2.11) and any relevant details about the fail configuration: Applied profile, building machine...
  • 💡 Request a new library to be added:

    • Use the [request] label to search the library in the issue tracker in case the it was already requested.
    • If not, use the same [request] tag in the title of the issue to help identifying them.
    • Indicate the name and the version of the library you would like to have in the repository. Also links to the project's website, source download/repository and in general any relevant information that helps creating a recipe for it.
  • 🤖 Report a failure in the CI system:

    • If you open a Pull Request and get an unexpected error you might comment in the failing PR.
    • If the service or repository is down or failing, use the [service] tag in the title of a new issue to help identifying them.

If your issue is not appropriate for a public discussion, please contact us via e-mail at Thanks!


All the Conan recipes in this repository are distributed under the MIT license. There are other files, like patches or examples used to test the packages, that could use different licenses, for those files specific license and credit must be checked in the file itself.