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Maybe the best way to begin is with a introduction...

I'm a pediatric nurse by ☀️ and 🌙, lover and a 🐶 owner for life!

In between I taught myself a couple of things on web development, currently focused on JAMstack and with more than 15 years of experience on trying to learn JavaScript!

I'm a motorsport fan (F1, WEC, IMSA...) and I do some sim racing on iRacing.

There're days (less than it should) when I take some time to cycling.

What to expect from this blog? Well, the way I see it I will use it more like a journal. A place to log some thoughts, ideas, events and keep track of things, like tutorials, for future memory.

I hope, if you share my interests, you will find here something enjoyable or useful.

For sure, I have the expectation to ear things from you too. So fell free to reach me out commenting on posts or through this form.

I have accounts on Twitter and Instagram, but I don't post much by there. I'm more active on Mastodon, so feel free to follow me there 😀