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title: "Debian 11 Released"
date: 2021-08-14T16:41:27+01:00
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The most recent version of Debian, with the code name "Bullseye", [was released today](!
Debian is one of oldest Linux distributions, notorious for been stable and reliable. Used as base for [many other distributions]( And a popular choice to run on servers.
Debian sees a new release each two years (more or less) and in conjunction with their [Long Term Support]( team, they promise at least 5 years of extended support for the each stable release.
I was waiting with special anticipation for this release, after recently [decided to stop relying on enterprise developed distributions](/my-first-year-with-linux-on-desktop/).
I'll now migrate my server from Ubuntu 20.04 to Debian 11 and, therefore, it was only logic that my first step should be update the tutorials on this blog. From the [initial server setup](/debian-server-initial-setup/), to install [Nginx](/nginx-installation-on-debian/), [PostgreSQL](/postgresql-installation-on-debian/) and [PHP](/php-installation-on-debian/), and finally installing [Nextcloud](/nextcloud-22-installation-on-debian/), all were updated to reflect the use of Debian 11.