A crawler for goverment and legislation issues in austria
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Is a tool to download the latest reports of the weekly sittings from the austrian federal government/council of ministers. It also toots it and shows it with the latest consultation bills on a web page.

Main Project



  • Python3
  • A Webserver (like Apache2 or try python3 -m http.server for testing)

Tools included

  • minster.py saves the last report in a json file and downloads the annexes.
  • GovCrawler_at.py toots the newest report in a thread on mastodon if the report wasn't tooted already.
  • data/index.html shows the latest report and the latest consultation bills on a web page.

Advanced Usage

  • table_of_contents.py is used to scan all reports to generate an index of all saved reports. Don't use it in production.