Simple Pest based parser for E-Mail headers like From, To, Cc, Bcc, etc.
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Relatively naïve Pest based parser, picking out "contacts" from "email address lists" found in headers such as from, to, cc, etc.

This library aims to be practical rather than "correct". It is (potentially excessively) permissive in parsing even the worst garbage in everyone's inbox. Limited testing with real world data was done, but the grammar probably still needs work to catch even more edge cases.

0.0.x releases may contain bugfixes and features, 0.x.0 might break compatibility.


RFC compliant header:

use email_address_list::*;

let manual: AddressList = vec![
    Contact::new("rí").set_name("Túsainm Sloinne"),

let result = parse_address_list(
    "Túsainm Sloinne <rí>,"


Non RFC compliant header:

let manual: AddressList = vec![
    Contact::new("").set_name("Ime Priimek"),
        .set_name("Oblikovan, Nepravilno"),

let result = parse_address_list(
        r#""Ime Priimek" <;>, "#,
        "Oblikovan, Nepravilno <,>>, ",


If you find examples of email-address-list failing, either by omitting addresses or supplying wrong addresses, please share them with the author.

For further information, please see the documentation.