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Project Initiation Documentation

  • Project Goals
  • Scope
  • Project Organization
  • Business Case
  • Stakeholders

Project Goals

GTK Application based on XMPP and OpenPGP. A kind of Groupware application to organize address books, tasks, Messages and use Micro blogging to read / share public information.


Project Organization


The current prototype is here:

Preparing a own codeberg organisation for the eagle project:


Communication Management Approach

Business Case

This application should help the user to manage this OpenPGP keyring easier, maybe also with less technical background. A kind of functionality provided by gpa. For users a OpenPGP key may just a additional information about a contact. The application should integrate the keyring beside / within the address book.

Address book - OpenPGP

From the address book it should be possible to drop a message.

Address book - Message



Project team members

Nick Role OpenPGP-ID
DebXWoody Project leader 0xC2DC916F35751C24