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An easy to use command-line shell implemented in Python
This repository has been archived on 2023-07-23. You can view files and clone it, but cannot push or open issues/pull-requests.
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This project has been discontinued due to development issues. I might start working on a new shell soon, though. See my profile to see if I have started working on it

Click here to watch a demo: asciicast ShellP is a shell implemented in Python and currently in alpla stage of development. This is an example shell session that utilizes argument functions:

$ echo $$random
$ echo $$random
$ echo $$tempfile
$ echo $$weekday

Advantages over other shells

  • Easy to configure (e.g. PS1 value is more readable and easier to make yourself)
  • Easy to install without root access
  • Variety of values that you can use for PS1, including git branch and execution duration of previous command

Basic Usage

Install ShellP:

pip3 install --user shellp

Start ShellP:

python3 -m shellp