Info about myself + source of my personal website (branch pages)
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TL;DR: I care about your privacy and I don't use CDNs, Cloudflare or analytics.

I am one of the supporters of Free and Open Source Software and I respect privacy, despite the fact that I'm Russian (Russia is not good at this tbh).

I don't use CDNs and I keep the font (called Sansation btw) and Fork Awesome in my repository.

I am strongly against the use of proprietary analytics services like Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrika, so you will not see this on my site.

As for Cloudflare... meh. It would be good for small sites that need protection from DDoS attacks, but not for my site. I'm not talking about unpleasant situations related to Cloudflare (if you're interested - find it yourself)...

And... This site is hosted by... Codeberg. I'm tired of paying about $15 every year just to host my static website(s). Codeberg server log files may contain client IP addresses, but the files are automatically deleted every 7 days (read). It is also worth mentioning that the data is not transferred to third parties.

You definitely keep everything in one place, don't you?

Yup. Here's a screenshot from uMatrix, if you don't believe me:


This reminds me of something...

If you've read David Revoy's blog at any point - yes, he too struggles with the same things I do. If you're not aware of it, here's the link:

That's it.