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<meta name="description" content="How to install and remove DsLav.">
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<title>DsLav Installation</title>
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<P>Note: These directions are included in the download.</P>
<H2>To install DsLav:</H2>
<P>From the DsLav website, download and unzip DsLav_x.x.x.zip to a location on your computer where you can find it.</P>
<P>Double-click setup.exe located inside the
folder, and follow the Windows Installer
<P>You do not have to remove any previous
version - the installer does that for you.</P>
<P>Let Windows complete the installation. This
can take a minute or so.</P>
<H2>To uninstall:</H2>
<P>Go to the Control Panel, select Add Remove
Programs, then Khan Desktop.</P>
<P>Press remove. </P>
<P>Let Windows complete the uninstall. This
can take a minute or so.</P>
<P> </P>
<P>After uninstalling DsLav, a folder will
remain on your computer at:
C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\
Local Settings\Application Data\DsLav.</P>
<P>This folder contains settings data you have made.
<P>If uninstalling DsLav permanently, this
folder can be deleted along with the 3 files
it contains.</P>
<P>Future installers will automatically delete this
folder as needed.</P>
<p><a href="index.html">Home</a></p>
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