Iframe music player that uses youtube playlists.
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Iframe music player that uses youtube playlists.


How to put this on your site

1. Upload the .js file to your site

2. The HTML tags

The minimal version:

<div id="player" playlist="PLfgjZUmExyGsnvWRVVCyoNJzW6Bm81zMg"></div>
<button onclick="pauseplay()">play/pause</button>
<div id="nowplaying"></div>
<script src="/niumusicplayer.js"></script>

Breakdown of what everything is:

  • The player div will be replaced with an iframe that plays the music. Put your playlist's id in the playlist attribute. The id is the part that goes after ?list= in the URL of a youtube playlist. If you want your playlist to be shuffled, put in a shuffle="yes" attribute, if you want the player to autoplay, add in autoplay="yes".
  • The button controls pausing/playing. You can use any HTML tag, as long as it has the onclick="pauseplay()" attribute.
  • The second div displays the title of the currently playing video. You can also use any HTML tag for this, as long as its id is nowplaying. You could make a scrolling title with a marquee, for example
  • Script tag linking to the .js file

The full version:

<div id="niuplayer">
        <div id="player" playlist="PLfgjZUmExyGsnvWRVVCyoNJzW6Bm81zMg" shuffle="yes"></div>
        <button onclick="pauseplay()">play/pause</button>
        <button onclick="player.previousVideo()">prev</button>
        <button onclick="player.nextVideo()">next</button>
        <div id="nowplaying"></div>
        <div id="nextup"></div>
        <script src="niumusicplayer.js">

Let's go over the extras:

  • A div wrapper, for easier styling
  • Previous/next buttons. Again, can be any element as long as it has the same onclick
  • The nextup div shows the next track in the playlist. Similar deal to the nowplaying one.

3. Styling

Style the player to your liking. Here's something basic:

#niuplayer {
    border: solid 5px black;
    padding: 1em;
    background-color: #c2c2c2;
#niuplayer button {
    background-color: #fff;
    border: solid 5px black;
    padding: 0.5em;

And that's it. If you like, you can link back to this repo, so that others can find it too, but it's not required.