Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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image: alpine/edge
- musl-dev
- eudev-libs
- eudev-dev
- linux-headers
- meson
- ninja
- gcc
- scdoc
- libxcb-dev
- xcb-util-wm-dev
- xcb-util-cursor-dev
- cairo-dev
- yaml-dev
- wayland-dev
- wayland-protocols
- wlroots-dev
- json-c-dev
- libmpdclient-dev
- alsa-lib-dev
- ttf-dejavu
- gcovr
- action: email
condition: failure
- install-gcovr: |
python2 -m ensurepip --user --upgrade
python2 -m pip install --user --upgrade pip
python2 -m pip install --user --upgrade setuptools
- setup: |
mkdir -p bld/debug bld/release bld/x11-only bld/wayland-only bld/plugs-are-shared
meson --buildtype=debug -Db_coverage=true yambar bld/debug
meson --buildtype=minsize yambar bld/release
meson --buildtype=debug -Dbackend-x11=enabled -Dbackend-wayland=disabled yambar bld/x11-only
meson --buildtype=debug -Dbackend-x11=disabled -Dbackend-wayland=enabled yambar bld/wayland-only
meson --buildtype=debug -Dcore-plugins-as-shared-libraries=true yambar bld/plugs-are-shared
- build: |
ninja -C bld/debug -k0
ninja -C bld/release -k0
ninja -C bld/x11-only -k0
ninja -C bld/wayland-only -k0
ninja -C bld/plugs-are-shared -k0
- tests: |
meson test -C bld/debug --print-errorlogs
meson test -C bld/release --print-errorlogs
meson test -C bld/x11-only --print-errorlogs
meson test -C bld/wayland-only --print-errorlogs
meson test -C bld/plugs-are-shared --print-errorlogs
- coverage: |
ninja -C bld/debug coverage-html
ninja -C bld/debug coverage-text
tail -2 bld/debug/meson-logs/coverage.txt