Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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  1. Introduction
  2. Configuration
  3. Modules



f00bar is a light-weight and configurable status panel (bar, for short) for X and Wayland.

It has a number of modules that provide information in the form of tags. For example, the clock module has a date tag that contains the current date.

The modules do not know how to present the information though. This is instead done by particles. And the user, you, decides which particles (and thus how to present the data) to use.

Furthermore, each particle can have a decoration. These are things like a different background, or an graphical underline.

There is no support for images or icons. use an icon font (e.g. Font Awesome, or Material Icons) if you want a graphical representation.

There are a number of modules and particles builtin. More can be added as plugins. You can even write your own!

To summarize: a bar displays information provided by modules, using particles and decorations. How is configured by you.


F00bar is configured using YAML, in ~/.config/f00bar/config.yml. It must define a top-level dictionary named bar:

  height: 26
  location: top
  background: 000000ff

    - clock:
          - string: {text: , font: *awesome}
          - string: {text: "{date}", right-margin: 5}
          - string: {text: , font: *awesome}
          - string: {text: "{time}"}

For details, see the man pages (f00bar(5) is a good start).


Available modules:

  • alsa
  • backlight
  • battery
  • clock
  • i3 (and Sway)
  • label
  • mpd
  • network
  • removables
  • xkb (XCB backend only)
  • xwindow (XCB backend only)