Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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yambar-tags - configuration file
Tags are the data carriers; it is through tags that modules expose
their information. Each module defines its own set of tags.
The available tag *types* are:
[[ *Type*
:[ *Description*
| string
: Value is a string. Rendered as-is by the _string_ particle.
| int
: Value is an integer. Rendered in base 10 by the _string_ particle.
| bool
: Value is true or false. Rendered as "true" or "false" by the _string_
| float
: Value is a float. Rendered in base 10, with two decimal digits by the
_string_ particle
| range
: Value is an integer, with a minimum and maximum value associated
with it. By default, the _string_ particle renders the value. The
*:min* or *:max* suffixes may be added to instead render the
minimum or maximum value (_\"{tag_name:min}\"_).
| realtime
: Value is an integer that changes in a predictable manner (in
"realtime"). This allows the particle to update itself
periodically. Only supported by the
*yambar-particle-progress-bar*(5). Other particles can still render
the tag's value. And, the _string_ particle recognizes the *:unit*
suffix, which will be translated to a "s" for a tag with "seconds"
resolution, or "ms" for one with "milliseconds" resolution.
A tag may be followed by one or more formatters that alter the tags
Formatters are added by appending a ':' separated list of formatter
In the table below, "kind" describes the type of action performed by
the formatter:
- *format*: changes the representation of the tag's value
- *selector*: changes what to render
In general, formatters of the same kind cannot be combined; if
multiple formatters of the same kind are specified, the last one will
be used.
[[ *Formatter*
:[ *Kind*
:[ *Description*
:[ *Applies to*]
| hex
: format
: Renders a tag's value in hex
: All tag types
| oct
: format
: Renders a tag's value in octal
: All tag types
| %
: format
: Renders a range tag's value as a percentage value
: Range tags
| kb, mb, gb
: format
: Renders a tag's value (in decimal) divided by 1024, 1024^2 or
1024^3. Note: no unit suffix is appended)
: All tag types
| kib, mib, gib
: format
: Same as *kb*, *mb* and *gb*, but divide by 1000^n instead of 1024^n.
: All tag types
| min
: selector
: Renders a range tag's minimum value
: Range tags
| max
: selector
: Renders a range tag's maximum value
: Range tags
| unit
: selector
: Renders a realtime tag's unit (e.g. "s", or "ms")
: Realtime tags