Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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river - This module provides information about the river tags
This module uses river's (, a dynamic
tiling Wayland compositor) status protocol to provide information
about the river tags.
It has an interface similar to the i3/sway module.
The configuration for the river module specifies one _title_ particle,
which will be instantiated once for each seat, with tags representing
the seats' name and the title of the seats' currently focused view.
It also specifies a _content_ template particle, which is instantiated
once for all 32 river tags. This means you probably want to use a
*map* particle to hide unused river tags.
[[ *Name*
:[ *Type*
:[ *Description*
| id
: int
: River tag number
| urgent
: bool
: True if the river tag has at least one urgent view.
| visible
: bool
: True if the river tag is focused by at least one output (i.e. visible on at least one monitor).
| focused
: bool
: True if the river tag is _visible_ and has keyboard focus.
| occupied
: bool
: True if the river tag has views (i.e. windows).
| state
: string
: Set to *urgent* if _urgent_ is true, *focused* if _focused_ is true, *unfocused* if _visible_ is true, but _focused_ is false, or *invisible* if the river tag is not visible on any monitors.
| seat
: string
: The name of the seat (*title* particle only, see CONFIGURATION)
| title
: string
: The seat's focused view's title (*title* particle only, see CONFIGURATION)
[[ *Name*
:[ *Type*
:[ *Req*
:[ *Description*
| title
: particle
: no
: Particle that will be instantiated with the _seat_ and _title_ tags.
| content
: particle
: yes
: Template particle that will be instantiated once for all of the 32 river tags.
| all-monitors
: bool
: no
: When set to false (the default), tags reflect river tags and seats
for the monitor yambar is on only. When set to true, tags reflect
the union of all monitors.
- river:
title: {string: { text: "{seat} - {title}" }}
tag: occupied
false: {empty: {}}
margin: 5
text: "{id}: {state}"
*yambar-modules*(5), *yambar-particles*(5), *yambar-tags*(5), *yambar-decorations*(5)