Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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i3 - This module monitors i3 and sway workspaces
Unlike other modules where the _content_ attribute is just a single
*particle*, the i3 module's _content_ is an associative array mapping
i3/sway workspace names to a particle.
You can add an empty workspace name, *""*, as a catch-all workspace
particle. The *i3* module will fallback to this entry if it cannot
find the workspace name in the _content_ map.
It also recognizes the special name *current*, which always represents
the currently focused workspace. On Sway, this can be used together
with the _application_ and _title_ tags to replace the X11-only
*xwindow* module.
[[ *Name*
:[ *Type*
:[ *Description*
| name
: string
: The workspace name
| visible
: bool
: True if the workspace is currently visible (on any output)
| focused
: bool
: True if the workspace is currently focused
| urgent
: bool
: True if the workspace has the urgent flag set
| state
: string
: One of *urgent*, *focused*, *unfocused* or *invisible* (note:
*unfocused* is when it is visible, but neither focused nor urgent).
| application
: string
: Name of application currently focused on this workspace (Sway only - use the *xwindow* module in i3)
| title
: string
: This workspace's focused window's title
| mode
: string
: The name of the current mode
[[ *Name*
:[ *Type*
:[ *Req*
:[ *Description*
| content
: associative array
: yes
: Unlike other modules, _content_ is an associative array mapping
workspace names to particles. Use *""* to specify a default
fallback particle, or *current* for the currently active workspace.
| sort
: enum
: no
: How to sort the list of workspaces; one of _none_, _ascending_ or _descending_, defaults to _none_.
| persistent
: list of strings
: no
: Persistent workspaces. I.e. workspaces that are never removed, even if empty.
| left-spacing
: int
: no
: Space, in pixels, on the left-side of each rendered workspace particle
| right-spacing
: int
: no
: Space, in pixels, on the right-side of each rendered workspace particle
| spacing
: int
: no
: Short-hand for setting both _left-spacing_ and _right-spacing_
This renders all workspace names, with an *\** indicating the
currently focused one. It also renders the currently focused
application name and window title.
- i3:
tag: state
default: {string: {text: "{name}"}}
focused: {string: {text: "{name}*"}}
current: { string: {text: "{application}: {title}"}}
*yambar-modules*(5), *yambar-particles*(5), *yambar-tags*(5), *yambar-decorations*(5)