Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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#pragma once
#include "../color.h"
#include "../module.h"
struct bar {
int abort_fd;
void *private;
int (*run)(struct bar *bar);
void (*destroy)(struct bar *bar);
void (*refresh)(const struct bar *bar);
void (*set_cursor)(struct bar *bar, const char *cursor);
const char *(*output_name)(const struct bar *bar);
enum bar_location { BAR_TOP, BAR_BOTTOM };
enum bar_layer { BAR_LAYER_TOP, BAR_LAYER_BOTTOM };
struct bar_config {
enum bar_backend backend;
const char *monitor;
enum bar_layer layer;
enum bar_location location;
int height;
int left_spacing, right_spacing;
int left_margin, right_margin;
int trackpad_sensitivity;
pixman_color_t background;
struct {
int left_width, right_width;
int top_width, bottom_width;
pixman_color_t color;
int left_margin, right_margin;
int top_margin, bottom_margin;
} border;
struct {
struct module **mods;
size_t count;
} left;
struct {
struct module **mods;
size_t count;
} center;
struct {
struct module **mods;
size_t count;
} right;
struct bar *bar_new(const struct bar_config *config);