• Stable 1.7.0 42d944d020


    dnkl released this 3 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • i3: persistent attribute, allowing persistent workspaces (#72).
    • bar: border.{left,right,top,bottom}-width, allowing the width of each side of the border to be configured individually. border.width is now a short-hand for setting all four borders to the same value (#77).
    • bar: layer: top|bottom, allowing the layer which the bar is rendered on to be changed. Wayland only - ignored on X11.
    • river: all-monitors: false|true.
    • -d,--log-level=info|warning|error|none command line option (#84).
    • river: support for the river-status protocol, version 2 (‘urgent’ views).
    • online tag to the alsa module.
    • alsa: volume and muted options, allowing you to configure which channels to use as source for the volume level and muted state.
    • foreign-toplevel: Wayland module that provides information about currently opened windows.
    • alsa: support for capture devices.
    • network: ssid, signal, rx-bitrate and rx-bitrate tags.
    • network: poll-interval option (for the new signal and *-bitrate tags).
    • tags: percentage tag formatter, for range tags: {tag_name:%}.
    • tags: kb/mb/gb, and kib/mib/gib tag formatters.


    • bar: do not add spacing around empty (zero-width) modules.
    • alsa: do not error out if we fail to connect to the ALSA device, or if we get disconnected. Instead, keep retrying until we succeed (#86).


    • yambar --backend=wayland always erroring out with ”yambar was compiled without the Wayland backend”.
    • Regression: {where} tag not being expanded in progress-bar on-click handlers.
    • alsa module causing yambar to use 100% CPU if the ALSA device is disconnected (#61).