• Stable 1.6.2 66ea64d826


    dnkl released this 4 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • Text shaping support.
    • Support for middle and right mouse buttons, mouse wheel and trackpad scrolling (#39).
    • script: polling mode. See the new poll-interval option (#67).


    • doc: split up yambar-modules(5) into multiple man pages, one for each module (#15).
    • fcft >= 2.4.0 is now required.
    • sway-xkb: non-keyboard inputs are now ignored (#51).
    • battery: don’t terminate (causing last status to “freeze”) when failing to update; retry again later (#44).
    • battery: differentiate "Not Charging" and "Discharging" in state tag of battery module. (#57).
    • string: use HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS instead of three regular periods when truncating a string (#73).


    • Crash when merging non-dictionary anchors in the YAML configuration (#32).
    • Crash in the ramp particle when the tag’s value was out-of-bounds (#45).
    • Crash when a string particle contained {} (#48).
    • script module rejecting range tag end values containing the digit 9 (#60).