• Stable 1.6.0 105409b0e0


    dnkl released this 12 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • alsa: percent tag. This is an integer tag that represents the current volume as a percentage value (#10).
    • river: added documentation (#9).
    • script: new module, adds support for custom user scripts (#11).
    • mpd: volume tag. This is a range tag that represents MPD's current volume in percentage (0-100)
    • i3: sort configuration option, that controls how the workspace list is sorted. Can be set to one of none, ascending or descending. Default is none (#17).
    • i3: mode tag: the name of the currently active mode


    • YAML parsing error messages being replaced with a generic “unknown error”.
    • Memory leak when a YAML parsing error was encountered.
    • clock: update every second when necessary (#12).
    • mpd: fix compilation with clang (#16).
    • Crash when the alpha component in a color value was 0.
    • XCB: Fallback to non-primary monitor when the primary monitor is disconnected (#20)