• Stable 1.7.0 42d944d020


    dnkl released this 2 months ago | 41 commits to master since this release


    • i3: persistent attribute, allowing persistent workspaces (#72).
    • bar: border.{left,right,top,bottom}-width, allowing the width of each side of the border to be configured individually. border.width is now a short-hand for setting all four borders to the same value (#77).
    • bar: layer: top|bottom, allowing the layer which the bar is rendered on to be changed. Wayland only - ignored on X11.
    • river: all-monitors: false|true.
    • -d,--log-level=info|warning|error|none command line option (#84).
    • river: support for the river-status protocol, version 2 (‘urgent’ views).
    • online tag to the alsa module.
    • alsa: volume and muted options, allowing you to configure which channels to use as source for the volume level and muted state.
    • foreign-toplevel: Wayland module that provides information about currently opened windows.
    • alsa: support for capture devices.
    • network: ssid, signal, rx-bitrate and rx-bitrate tags.
    • network: poll-interval option (for the new signal and *-bitrate tags).
    • tags: percentage tag formatter, for range tags: {tag_name:%}.
    • tags: kb/mb/gb, and kib/mib/gib tag formatters.


    • bar: do not add spacing around empty (zero-width) modules.
    • alsa: do not error out if we fail to connect to the ALSA device, or if we get disconnected. Instead, keep retrying until we succeed (#86).


    • yambar --backend=wayland always erroring out with ”yambar was compiled without the Wayland backend”.
    • Regression: {where} tag not being expanded in progress-bar on-click handlers.
    • alsa module causing yambar to use 100% CPU if the ALSA device is disconnected (#61).


  • Stable 1.6.2 66ea64d826


    dnkl released this 3 months ago | 122 commits to master since this release


    • Text shaping support.
    • Support for middle and right mouse buttons, mouse wheel and trackpad scrolling (#39).
    • script: polling mode. See the new poll-interval option (#67).


    • doc: split up yambar-modules(5) into multiple man pages, one for each module (#15).
    • fcft >= 2.4.0 is now required.
    • sway-xkb: non-keyboard inputs are now ignored (#51).
    • battery: don’t terminate (causing last status to “freeze”) when failing to update; retry again later (#44).
    • battery: differentiate "Not Charging" and "Discharging" in state tag of battery module. (#57).
    • string: use HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS instead of three regular periods when truncating a string (#73).


    • Crash when merging non-dictionary anchors in the YAML configuration (#32).
    • Crash in the ramp particle when the tag’s value was out-of-bounds (#45).
    • Crash when a string particle contained {} (#48).
    • script module rejecting range tag end values containing the digit 9 (#60).


  • Stable 1.6.1 2563a233d7


    dnkl released this 9 months ago | 234 commits to master since this release


    • i3: workspaces with numerical names are sorted separately from non-numerically named workspaces (#30).


    • mpd: elapsed tag not working (regression, introduced in 1.6.0).
    • Wrong background color for (semi-) transparent backgrounds.
    • battery: stats sometimes getting stuck at 0, or impossibly large values (#25).
  • Stable 1.6.0 105409b0e0


    dnkl released this 10 months ago | 249 commits to master since this release


    • alsa: percent tag. This is an integer tag that represents the current volume as a percentage value (#10).
    • river: added documentation (#9).
    • script: new module, adds support for custom user scripts (#11).
    • mpd: volume tag. This is a range tag that represents MPD's current volume in percentage (0-100)
    • i3: sort configuration option, that controls how the workspace list is sorted. Can be set to one of none, ascending or descending. Default is none (#17).
    • i3: mode tag: the name of the currently active mode


    • YAML parsing error messages being replaced with a generic “unknown error”.
    • Memory leak when a YAML parsing error was encountered.
    • clock: update every second when necessary (#12).
    • mpd: fix compilation with clang (#16).
    • Crash when the alpha component in a color value was 0.
    • XCB: Fallback to non-primary monitor when the primary monitor is disconnected (#20)


  • Stable 1.5.0 6dfa6ec1db


    dnkl released this 1 year ago | 339 commits to master since this release


    • battery: support for drivers that use 'charge_*' (instead of 'energy_*') sys files.
    • removables: SD card support.
    • removables: new 'ignore' property.
    • Wayland: multi-seat support.
    • Experimental: 'river': new module for the river Wayland compositor.


    • Requires fcft-2.2.x.
    • battery: a poll value of 0 disables polling.


    • mpd: check of return value from thrd_create.
    • battery: handle 'manufacturer' and 'model_name' not being present.
    • Wayland: handle runtime scaling changes.
  • Stable 1.4.0 f37fc3c1d6


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 411 commits to master since this release

    • Apply font kerning to text
    • Fixed i3 plugin terminating on X11/i3 (#2)
    • Added -p,--print-pid=FILE|FD command line option
    • Wayland layer surface namespace now set to panel instead of yambar
    • Syslogging is now done using the DAEMON facility instead of USER
  • Stable 1.3.1 7685199038


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 441 commits to master since this release

    • Fixed version number in PKGBUILD.wayland-only
  • Stable 1.3.0 b6da4492a9


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 442 commits to master since this release

    • (Wayland) Compositor now chooses output if not specified in configuration
    • Fixed crash when configuration references a non-existent anchor
    • New dependencies: tllist and fcft. The move to fcft brings a lot of font rendering improvements.
  • Stable 1.2.0 b6b47bd0b0


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 504 commits to master since this release

    Mostly minor fixes + build fixes. The reason for making this a minor release, rather than a patch release, is for the name change to yambar.

    • Renamed project: f00bar -> yambar
    • Added .desktop file
    • Various version generation fixes when building inside and outside a git clone
    • Unbreak PKGBUILD with pacman-5.2
    • We now verify the Wayland compositor implements the interface version (or higher) that we require.
  • Stable 1.1.1 85c06a427f


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 530 commits to master since this release

    • Fix detection of mounted removables under e.g. Artix Linux
  • Stable 1.1.0 43157e42cc


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 532 commits to master since this release

    • font fallback
    • cairo is no longer a dependency
    • lots of bug fixes