This is a fork of that replaces pango with for font rendering. Note: do not use the master branch; use one of the fontconfig branches
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Daniel Eklöf 6dc43f469a
fcft: replace pango with fcft
1 year ago
tray cairo: Replace <cairo/cairo.h> by <cairo.h> 7 months ago
bar.c swaybar: log Wayland display errors 4 months ago
config.c Add support for workspace_min_width bar option. 1 year ago
i3bar.c swaybar: fix i3bar relative coordinates when scaling is used 2 years ago
input.c swaybar: Use position from wl_pointer.enter 9 months ago
ipc.c swaybar: fail gracefully on tokener creation fail 9 months ago
main.c Make command line option lists const 10 months ago fcft: replace pango with fcft 3 months ago
render.c cairo: Replace <cairo/cairo.h> by <cairo.h> 7 months ago
status_line.c swaybar: allow status line cleanup to proceed when hidden 1 year ago
swaybar-protocol.7.scd man: update maintainer 11 months ago