This is a fork of that replaces pango with for font rendering. Note: do not use the master branch; use one of the fontconfig branches
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#ifndef _SWAY_UTIL_H
#define _SWAY_UTIL_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <wayland-server-protocol.h>
enum movement_unit {
struct movement_amount {
int amount;
enum movement_unit unit;
* Parse units such as "px" or "ppt"
enum movement_unit parse_movement_unit(const char *unit);
* Parse arguments such as "10", "10px" or "10 px".
* Returns the number of arguments consumed.
int parse_movement_amount(int argc, char **argv,
struct movement_amount *amount);
* Wrap i into the range [0, max]
int wrap(int i, int max);
* Given a string that represents an RGB(A) color, result will be set to a
* uint32_t version of the color, as long as it is valid. If it is invalid,
* then false will be returned and result will be untouched.
bool parse_color(const char *color, uint32_t *result);
void color_to_rgba(float dest[static 4], uint32_t color);
* Given a string that represents a boolean, return the boolean value. This
* function also takes in the current boolean value to support toggling. If
* toggling is not desired, pass in true for current so that toggling values
* get parsed as not true.
bool parse_boolean(const char *boolean, bool current);
* Given a string that represents a floating point value, return a float.
* Returns NAN on error.
float parse_float(const char *value);
const char *sway_wl_output_subpixel_to_string(enum wl_output_subpixel subpixel);
bool sway_set_cloexec(int fd, bool cloexec);