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#ifndef _SWAY_LIST_H
#define _SWAY_LIST_H
typedef struct {
int capacity;
int length;
void **items;
} list_t;
list_t *create_list(void);
void list_free(list_t *list);
void list_add(list_t *list, void *item);
void list_insert(list_t *list, int index, void *item);
void list_del(list_t *list, int index);
void list_cat(list_t *list, list_t *source);
// See qsort. Remember to use *_qsort functions as compare functions,
// because they dereference the left and right arguments first!
void list_qsort(list_t *list, int compare(const void *left, const void *right));
// Return index for first item in list that returns 0 for given compare
// function or -1 if none matches.
int list_seq_find(list_t *list, int compare(const void *item, const void *cmp_to), const void *cmp_to);
int list_find(list_t *list, const void *item);
// stable sort since qsort is not guaranteed to be stable
void list_stable_sort(list_t *list, int compare(const void *a, const void *b));
// swap two elements in a list
void list_swap(list_t *list, int src, int dest);
// move item to end of list
void list_move_to_end(list_t *list, void *item);
/* Calls `free` for each item in the list, then frees the list.
* Do not use this to free lists of primitives or items that require more
* complicated deallocation code.
void list_free_items_and_destroy(list_t *list);