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grimshot - a helper for screenshots within sway
*grimshot* [--notify] (copy|save) [TARGET] [FILE]++
*grimshot* check++
*grimshot* usage
Show notifications to the user that a screenshot has been taken.
Save the screenshot into a regular file. Grimshot will write images
files to *XDG_SCREENSHOTS_DIR* if this is set (or defined
in *user-dirs.dir*), or otherwise fall back to *XDG_PICTURES_DIR*.
Set FILE to '-' to pipe the output to STDOUT.
Copy the screenshot data (as image/png) into the clipboard.
Grimshot is an easy-to-use screenshot utility for sway. It provides a
convenient interface over grim, slurp and jq, and supports storing the
screenshot either directly to the clipboard using wl-copy or to a file.
An example usage pattern is to add these bindings to your sway config:
# Screenshots:
# Super+P: Current window
# Super+Shift+p: Select area
# Super+Alt+p Current output
# Super+Ctrl+p Select a window
bindsym Mod4+p exec grimshot save active
bindsym Mod4+Shift+p exec grimshot save area
bindsym Mod4+Mod1+p exec grimshot save output
bindsym Mod4+Ctrl+p exec grimshot save window
grimshot can capture the following named targets:
Captures the currently active window.
Captures the entire screen. This includes all visible outputs.
Allows manually selecting a rectangular region, and captures that.
Allows manually selecting a single window (by clicking on it), and
captures it.
Captures the currently active output.
Grimshot will print the filename of the captured screenshot to stdout if called
with the _save_ subcommand.