This is a fork of that replaces pango with for font rendering. Note: do not use the master branch; use one of the fontconfig branches
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Sway fork using fontconfig+fcft instead of pango for font rendering


This is a fork of that replaces pango with fontconfig+fcft for font rendering.

I did this because starting with release 1.44, pango no longer supports bitmap fonts.

This is currently a very quick and dirty hack; it rips out pango, not with surgical precision, but with a sledge hammer (imaging trying to rip out anything with a sledge hammer...). The idea is to keep changes to regular sway sources down to a minimum, to make it easier to keep up-to-date with sway.

Currently, only the sway main binary has been ported. That is, no swaybar and no swaynag support.

The config syntax has changed, and now uses fontconfig syntax rather than pango syntax. That is, what used to be written as:

font MyFont 12px

is now written:

font MyFont:pixelsize=12


I suggest you install sway like you usually do (e.g. use your distro's package), and then replace the installed sway binary with the one built here. Make sure you match the version!

First, checkout one of the fontconfig branches:

  • fontconfig -> master
  • fontconfig-v1.2 -> v1.2
  • and so on

Then, configure (disabling swaybar and swaynag since they are not supported), build, and install:

meson -Dswaybar=false -Dswaynag=false build/
ninja -C build/
sudo ninja -C build/ install

Finally, don't forget to update the sway config to use the new font syntax!


  • Swaybar not ported
  • Swaynag not ported
  • No markup