This is a fork of that replaces pango with for font rendering. Note: do not use the master branch; use one of the fontconfig branches
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Bugs Crashes and other bugs bug

Please read the following before submitting:

  • Please do NOT submit bug reports for questions. Ask questions on IRC at #sway on Libera Chat.
  • Proprietary graphics drivers, including nvidia, are not supported. Please use the open source equivalents, such as nouveau, if you would like to use Sway.
  • Please do NOT submit issues for information from the github wiki. The github wiki is community maintained and therefore may contain outdated information, scripts that don't work or obsolete workarounds. If you fix a script or find outdated information, don't hesitate to adjust the wiki page.

Please fill out the following:

  • Sway Version:

    • swaymsg -t get_version or sway -v
  • Debug Log:

    • Run sway -d 2> ~/sway.log from a TTY and upload it to a pastebin, such as
    • This will record information about sway's activity. Please try to keep the reproduction as brief as possible and exit sway.
  • Configuration File:

    • Please try to produce with the default configuration.
    • If you cannot reproduce with the default configuration, please try to find the minimal configuration to reproduce.
    • Upload the config to a pastebin such as
  • Stack Trace:

    • This is only needed if sway crashes.
    • If you use systemd, you should be able to open the coredump of the most recent crash with gdb with coredumpctl gdb sway and then bt full to obtain the stack trace.
    • If the lines mentioning sway or wlroots have ?? for the location, your binaries were built without debug symbols. Please compile both sway and wlroots from source and try to reproduce.
  • Description:

    • The steps you took in plain English to reproduce the problem.