A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
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#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <wchar.h>
#include <threads.h>
#include <semaphore.h>
#include <utf8proc.h>
#include <tllist.h>
#include <fcft/fcft.h>
//#include "config.h"
#include "composed.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "fdm.h"
#include "macros.h"
#include "reaper.h"
#include "wayland.h"
* Note: we want the cells to be as small as possible. Larger cells
* means fewer scrollback lines (or performance drops due to cache
* misses)
* Note that the members are laid out optimized for x86
struct attributes {
bool bold:1;
bool dim:1;
bool italic:1;
bool underline:1;
bool strikethrough:1;
bool blink:1;
bool conceal:1;
bool reverse:1;
uint32_t fg:24;
bool clean:1;
bool have_fg:1;
bool have_bg:1;
uint32_t selected:2;
bool url:1;
uint32_t reserved:2;
uint32_t bg:24;
static_assert(sizeof(struct attributes) == 8, "VT attribute struct too large");
/* Last valid Unicode code point is 0x0010FFFFul */
#define CELL_COMB_CHARS_LO 0x00200000ul
#define CELL_COMB_CHARS_HI (CELL_COMB_CHARS_LO + 0x3fffffff)
struct cell {
wchar_t wc;
struct attributes attrs;
static_assert(sizeof(struct cell) == 12, "bad size");
struct scroll_region {
int start;
int end;
struct coord {
int col;
int row;
struct cursor {
struct coord point;
bool lcf;
struct damage {
enum damage_type type;
struct scroll_region region;
int lines;
struct row_uri_range {
int start;
int end;
uint64_t id;
char *uri;
struct row_data {
tll(struct row_uri_range) uri_ranges;
struct row {
struct cell *cells;
bool dirty;
bool linebreak;
struct row_data *extra;
struct sixel {
void *data;
pixman_image_t *pix;
int width;
int height;
int rows;
int cols;
struct coord pos;
bool opaque;
struct grid {
int num_rows;
int num_cols;
int offset;
int view;
* Note: the cursor (not the *saved* cursor) could most likely be
* global state in the term struct.
* However, we have grid specific functions that does not have
* access to the owning term struct, but does need access to the
* cursor.
struct cursor cursor;
struct cursor saved_cursor;
struct row **rows;
struct row *cur_row;
tll(struct damage) scroll_damage;
tll(struct sixel) sixel_images;
struct vt_subparams {
unsigned value[16];
uint8_t idx;
struct vt_param {
unsigned value;
struct vt_subparams sub;
struct vt {
int state; /* enum state */
wchar_t last_printed;
utf8proc_int32_t grapheme_state;
wchar_t utf8;
struct {
struct vt_param v[16];
uint8_t idx;
} params;
uint32_t private; /* LSB=priv0, MSB=priv3 */
struct attributes attrs;
struct attributes saved_attrs;
struct {
uint8_t *data;
size_t size;
size_t idx;
} osc;
/* Start coordinate for current OSC-8 URI */
struct {
uint64_t id;
char *uri;
struct coord begin;
} osc8;
struct {
uint8_t *data;
size_t size;
size_t idx;
void (*put_handler)(struct terminal *term, uint8_t c);
void (*unhook_handler)(struct terminal *term);
} dcs;
enum cursor_origin { ORIGIN_ABSOLUTE, ORIGIN_RELATIVE };
enum charset_designator { G0, G1, G2, G3 };
struct charsets {
enum charset_designator selected;
enum charset_designator saved;
enum charset set[4]; /* G0-G3 */
/* *What* to report */
enum mouse_tracking {
MOUSE_X10, /* ?9h */
MOUSE_CLICK, /* ?1000h - report mouse clicks */
MOUSE_DRAG, /* ?1002h - report clicks and drag motions */
MOUSE_MOTION, /* ?1003h - report clicks and motion */
/* *How* to report */
enum mouse_reporting {
MOUSE_UTF8, /* ?1005h */
MOUSE_SGR, /* ?1006h */
MOUSE_URXVT, /* ?1015h */
enum selection_kind {
struct ptmx_buffer {
void *data;
size_t len;
size_t idx;
enum term_surface {
typedef tll(struct ptmx_buffer) ptmx_buffer_list_t;
struct url {
uint64_t id;
char *url;
wchar_t *key;
struct coord start;
struct coord end;
enum url_action action;
bool url_mode_dont_change_url_attr; /* Entering/exiting URL mode doesn’t touch the cells’ attr.url */
bool osc8;
typedef tll(struct url) url_list_t;
/* If px != 0 then px is valid, otherwise pt is valid */
struct pt_or_px {
int16_t px;
float pt;
struct terminal {
struct fdm *fdm;
struct reaper *reaper;
const struct config *conf;
void (*ascii_printer)(struct terminal *term, wchar_t c);
pid_t slave;
int ptmx;
struct vt vt;
struct grid *grid;
struct grid normal;
struct grid alt;
int cols; /* number of columns */
int rows; /* number of rows */
struct scroll_region scroll_region;
struct charsets charsets;
struct charsets saved_charsets; /* For save/restore cursor + attributes */
bool auto_margin;
bool insert_mode;
bool reverse;
bool hide_cursor;
bool reverse_wrap;
bool bracketed_paste;
bool focus_events;
bool alt_scrolling;
bool modify_escape_key;
enum cursor_origin origin;
enum cursor_keys cursor_keys_mode;
enum keypad_keys keypad_keys_mode;
enum mouse_tracking mouse_tracking;
enum mouse_reporting mouse_reporting;
tll(int) tab_stops;
size_t composed_count;
struct composed *composed;
/* Temporary: for FDM */
struct {
bool is_armed;
int lower_fd;
int upper_fd;
} delayed_render_timer;
struct fcft_font *fonts[4];
struct config_font *font_sizes[4];
struct pt_or_px font_line_height;
float font_dpi;
int16_t font_x_ofs;
int16_t font_y_ofs;
enum fcft_subpixel font_subpixel;
* 0-159: U+250U+259F
* 160-219: U+1FB00-1FB3B
* 220-247: U+1FB70-1FB8B
struct fcft_glyph *box_drawing[248];
bool is_sending_paste_data;
ptmx_buffer_list_t ptmx_buffers;
ptmx_buffer_list_t ptmx_paste_buffers;
struct {
bool esc_prefix;
bool eight_bit;
} meta;
bool num_lock_modifier;
bool bell_action_enabled;
/* Saved DECSET modes - we save the SET state */
struct {
bool origin:1;
bool application_cursor_keys:1;
bool reverse:1;
bool show_cursor:1;
bool reverse_wrap:1;
bool auto_margin:1;
bool cursor_blink:1;
bool bracketed_paste:1;
bool focus_events:1;
bool alt_scrolling:1;
//bool mouse_x10:1;
bool mouse_click:1;
bool mouse_drag:1;
bool mouse_motion:1;
//bool mouse_utf8:1;
bool mouse_sgr:1;
bool mouse_urxvt:1;
bool meta_eight_bit:1;
bool meta_esc_prefix:1;
bool num_lock_modifier:1;
bool bell_action_enabled:1;
bool alt_screen:1;
bool modify_escape_key:1;
bool ime:1;
bool app_sync_updates:1;
bool sixel_scrolling:1;
bool sixel_private_palette:1;
bool sixel_cursor_right_of_graphics:1;
} xtsave;
char *window_title;
tll(char *) window_title_stack;
struct {
bool active;
int fd;
} flash;
struct {
enum { BLINK_ON, BLINK_OFF } state;
int fd;
} blink;
int scale;
int width; /* pixels */
int height; /* pixels */
int stashed_width;
int stashed_height;
struct {
int left;
int right;
int top;
int bottom;
} margins;
int cell_width; /* pixels per cell, x-wise */
int cell_height; /* pixels per cell, y-wise */
struct {
uint32_t fg;
uint32_t bg;
uint32_t table[256];
uint16_t alpha;
uint32_t selection_fg;
uint32_t selection_bg;
bool use_custom_selection;
} colors;
enum cursor_style cursor_style;
struct {
bool decset; /* Blink enabled via '\E[?12h' */
bool deccsusr; /* Blink enabled via '\E[X q' */
int fd;
} cursor_blink;
struct {
uint32_t text;
uint32_t cursor;
} cursor_color;
struct {
enum selection_kind kind;
enum selection_direction direction;
struct coord start;
struct coord end;
bool ongoing;
bool spaces_only; /* SELECTION_SEMANTIC_WORD */
struct {
struct coord start;
struct coord end;
} pivot;
struct {
int fd;
int col;
enum selection_scroll_direction direction;
} auto_scroll;
} selection;
bool is_searching;
struct {
wchar_t *buf;
size_t len;
size_t sz;
size_t cursor;
int original_view;
bool view_followed_offset;
struct coord match;
size_t match_len;
} search;
struct wayland *wl;
struct wl_window *window;
bool visual_focus;
bool kbd_focus;
enum term_surface active_surface;
struct {
/* Scheduled for rendering, as soon-as-possible */
struct {
bool grid;
bool csd;
bool search;
bool urls;
} refresh;
/* Scheduled for rendering, in the next frame callback */
struct {
bool grid;
bool csd;
bool search;
bool urls;
} pending;
bool margins; /* Someone explicitly requested a refresh of the margins */
bool urgency; /* Signal 'urgency' (paint borders red) */
struct {
struct timeval last_update;
bool is_armed;
int timer_fd;
} title;
int scrollback_lines; /* Number of scrollback lines, from conf (TODO: move out from render struct?) */
struct {
bool enabled;
int timer_fd;
} app_sync_updates;
/* Render threads + synchronization primitives */
struct {
size_t count;
sem_t start;
sem_t done;
mtx_t lock;
tll(int) queue;
thrd_t *threads;
struct buffer *buf;
} workers;
/* Last rendered cursor position */
struct {
struct row *row;
int col;
bool hidden;
} last_cursor;
struct buffer *last_buf; /* Buffer we rendered to last time */
bool was_flashing; /* Flash was active last time we rendered */
bool was_searching;
size_t search_glyph_offset;
bool presentation_timings;
struct timespec input_time;
} render;
struct {
enum {
SIXEL_DECSIXEL, /* DECSIXEL body part ", $, -, ? ... ~ */
SIXEL_DECGRA, /* DECGRA Set Raster Attributes " Pan; Pad; Ph; Pv */
SIXEL_DECGRI, /* DECGRI Graphics Repeat Introducer ! Pn Ch */
SIXEL_DECGCI, /* DECGCI Graphics Color Introducer # Pc; Pu; Px; Py; Pz */
} state;
struct coord pos; /* Current sixel coordinate */
int max_non_empty_row_no;
size_t row_byte_ofs; /* Byte position into image, for current row */
int color_idx; /* Current palette index */
uint32_t *private_palette; /* Private palette, used when private mode 1070 is enabled */
uint32_t *shared_palette; /* Shared palette, used when private mode 1070 is disabled */
uint32_t *palette; /* Points to either private_palette or shared_palette */
struct {
uint32_t *data; /* Raw image data, in ARGB */
int width; /* Image width, in pixels */
int height; /* Image height, in pixels */
} image;
bool scrolling:1; /* Private mode 80 */
bool use_private_palette:1; /* Private mode 1070 */
bool cursor_right_of_graphics:1; /* Private mode 8452 */
unsigned params[5]; /* Collected parameters, for RASTER, COLOR_SPEC */
unsigned param; /* Currently collecting parameter, for RASTER, COLOR_SPEC and REPEAT */
unsigned param_idx; /* Parameters seen */
bool transparent_bg;
/* Application configurable */
unsigned palette_size; /* Number of colors in palette */
unsigned max_width; /* Maximum image width, in pixels */
unsigned max_height; /* Maximum image height, in pixels */
} sixel;
/* TODO: wrap in a struct */
url_list_t urls;
wchar_t url_keys[5];
bool urls_show_uri_on_jump_label;
struct grid *url_grid_snapshot;
bool ime_enabled;
bool is_shutting_down;
bool slave_has_been_reaped;
int exit_status;
void (*shutdown_cb)(void *data, int exit_code);
void *shutdown_data;
char *foot_exe;
char *cwd;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_HIDDEN;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_LEFT_PTR;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_TEXT;
//extern const char *const XCURSOR_HAND2;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_TOP_LEFT_CORNER;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_TOP_RIGHT_CORNER;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_BOTTOM_LEFT_CORNER;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_BOTTOM_RIGHT_CORNER;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_LEFT_SIDE;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_RIGHT_SIDE;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_TOP_SIDE;
extern const char *const XCURSOR_BOTTOM_SIDE;
struct config;
struct terminal *term_init(
const struct config *conf, struct fdm *fdm, struct reaper *reaper,
struct wayland *wayl, const char *foot_exe, const char *cwd,
int argc, char *const *argv,
void (*shutdown_cb)(void *data, int exit_code), void *shutdown_data);
bool term_shutdown(struct terminal *term);
int term_destroy(struct terminal *term);
void term_update_ascii_printer(struct terminal *term);
void term_single_shift(struct terminal *term, enum charset_designator idx);
void term_reset(struct terminal *term, bool hard);
bool term_to_slave(struct terminal *term, const void *data, size_t len);
bool term_paste_data_to_slave(
struct terminal *term, const void *data, size_t len);
bool term_font_size_increase(struct terminal *term);
bool term_font_size_decrease(struct terminal *term);
bool term_font_size_reset(struct terminal *term);
bool term_font_dpi_changed(struct terminal *term, int old_scale);
void term_font_subpixel_changed(struct terminal *term);
int term_pt_or_px_as_pixels(
const struct terminal *term, const struct pt_or_px *pt_or_px);
void term_window_configured(struct terminal *term);
void term_damage_rows(struct terminal *term, int start, int end);
void term_damage_rows_in_view(struct terminal *term, int start, int end);
void term_damage_all(struct terminal *term);
void term_damage_view(struct terminal *term);
void term_damage_cursor(struct terminal *term);
void term_damage_margins(struct terminal *term);
void term_reset_view(struct terminal *term);
void term_damage_scroll(
struct terminal *term, enum damage_type damage_type,
struct scroll_region region, int lines);
void term_erase(
struct terminal *term, const struct coord *start, const struct coord *end);
int term_row_rel_to_abs(const struct terminal *term, int row);
void term_cursor_home(struct terminal *term);
void term_cursor_to(struct terminal *term, int row, int col);
void term_cursor_left(struct terminal *term, int count);
void term_cursor_right(struct terminal *term, int count);
void term_cursor_up(struct terminal *term, int count);
void term_cursor_down(struct terminal *term, int count);
void term_cursor_blink_update(struct terminal *term);
void term_print(struct terminal *term, wchar_t wc, int width);
void term_scroll(struct terminal *term, int rows);
void term_scroll_reverse(struct terminal *term, int rows);
void term_scroll_partial(
struct terminal *term, struct scroll_region region, int rows);
void term_scroll_reverse_partial(
struct terminal *term, struct scroll_region region, int rows);
void term_carriage_return(struct terminal *term);
void term_linefeed(struct terminal *term);
void term_reverse_index(struct terminal *term);
void term_arm_blink_timer(struct terminal *term);
void term_save_cursor(struct terminal *term);
void term_restore_cursor(struct terminal *term, const struct cursor *cursor);
void term_visual_focus_in(struct terminal *term);
void term_visual_focus_out(struct terminal *term);
void term_kbd_focus_in(struct terminal *term);
void term_kbd_focus_out(struct terminal *term);
void term_mouse_down(
struct terminal *term, int button, int row, int col,
bool shift, bool alt, bool ctrl);
void term_mouse_up(
struct terminal *term, int button, int row, int col,
bool shift, bool alt, bool ctrl);
void term_mouse_motion(
struct terminal *term, int button, int row, int col,
bool shift, bool alt, bool ctrl);
bool term_mouse_grabbed(const struct terminal *term, struct seat *seat);
void term_xcursor_update(struct terminal *term);
void term_xcursor_update_for_seat(struct terminal *term, struct seat *seat);
void term_set_window_title(struct terminal *term, const char *title);
void term_flash(struct terminal *term, unsigned duration_ms);
void term_bell(struct terminal *term);
bool term_spawn_new(const struct terminal *term);
void term_enable_app_sync_updates(struct terminal *term);
void term_disable_app_sync_updates(struct terminal *term);
enum term_surface term_surface_kind(
const struct terminal *term, const struct wl_surface *surface);
bool term_scrollback_to_text(
const struct terminal *term, char **text, size_t *len);
bool term_view_to_text(
const struct terminal *term, char **text, size_t *len);
bool term_ime_is_enabled(const struct terminal *term);
void term_ime_enable(struct terminal *term);
void term_ime_disable(struct terminal *term);
bool term_ime_reset(struct terminal *term);
void term_ime_set_cursor_rect(
struct terminal *term, int x, int y, int width, int height);
void term_urls_reset(struct terminal *term);
void term_collect_urls(struct terminal *term);
void term_osc8_open(struct terminal *term, uint64_t id, const char *uri);
void term_osc8_close(struct terminal *term);
static inline void term_reset_grapheme_state(struct terminal *term)
term->vt.grapheme_state = 0;