A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
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#pragma once
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <wayland-client.h>
#include <xkbcommon/xkbcommon.h>
#include <primary-selection-unstable-v1.h>
#include <presentation-time.h>
#include <tllist.h>
#include "fdm.h"
struct monitor {
struct wayland *wayl;
struct wl_output *output;
struct zxdg_output_v1 *xdg;
char *name;
int x;
int y;
int width_mm;
int height_mm;
int width_px;
int height_px;
int x_ppi;
int y_ppi;
int scale;
float refresh;
char *make;
char *model;
float inch; /* e.g. 24" */
struct kbd {
struct xkb_context *xkb;
struct xkb_keymap *xkb_keymap;
struct xkb_state *xkb_state;
struct xkb_compose_table *xkb_compose_table;
struct xkb_compose_state *xkb_compose_state;
struct {
int fd;
bool dont_re_repeat;
int32_t delay;
int32_t rate;
uint32_t key;
} repeat;
xkb_mod_index_t mod_shift;
xkb_mod_index_t mod_alt;
xkb_mod_index_t mod_ctrl;
xkb_mod_index_t mod_meta;
/* Enabled modifiers */
bool shift;
bool alt;
bool ctrl;
bool meta;
struct wl_clipboard {
struct wl_data_source *data_source;
struct wl_data_offer *data_offer;
char *text;
uint32_t serial;
struct wl_primary {
struct zwp_primary_selection_source_v1 *data_source;
struct zwp_primary_selection_offer_v1 *data_offer;
char *text;
uint32_t serial;
struct wayland;
struct wl_window {
struct terminal *term;
struct wl_surface *surface;
struct xdg_surface *xdg_surface;
struct xdg_toplevel *xdg_toplevel;
struct zxdg_toplevel_decoration_v1 *xdg_toplevel_decoration;
/* Scrollback search */
struct wl_surface *search_surface;
struct wl_subsurface *search_sub_surface;
struct wl_callback *frame_callback;
tll(const struct monitor *) on_outputs; /* Outputs we're mapped on */
bool is_configured;
struct {
bool is_activated;
int width;
int height;
} configure;
struct config;
struct terminal;
struct wayland {
const struct config *conf;
struct fdm *fdm;
struct wl_display *display;
struct wl_registry *registry;
struct wl_compositor *compositor;
struct wl_subcompositor *sub_compositor;
struct wl_shm *shm;
struct wl_seat *seat;
struct wl_keyboard *keyboard;
struct zxdg_output_manager_v1 *xdg_output_manager;
struct xdg_wm_base *shell;
struct zxdg_decoration_manager_v1 *xdg_decoration_manager;
struct wp_presentation *presentation;
uint32_t presentation_clock_id;
/* Keyboard */
struct kbd kbd;
/* Clipboard */
uint32_t input_serial;
struct wl_data_device_manager *data_device_manager;
struct wl_data_device *data_device;
struct zwp_primary_selection_device_manager_v1 *primary_selection_device_manager;
struct zwp_primary_selection_device_v1 *primary_selection_device;
struct wl_clipboard clipboard;
struct wl_primary primary;
/* Cursor */
struct {
struct wl_pointer *pointer;
uint32_t serial;
struct wl_surface *surface;
struct wl_cursor_theme *theme;
struct wl_cursor *cursor;
int size;
char *theme_name;
const char *xcursor;
const struct terminal *pending_terminal;
struct wl_callback *xcursor_callback;
} pointer;
struct {
int col;
int row;
int button;
int count;
int last_button;
struct timeval last_time;
/* We used a discrete axis event in the current pointer frame */
bool have_discrete;
} mouse;
bool have_argb8888;
tll(struct monitor) monitors; /* All available outputs */
tll(struct terminal *) terms;
struct terminal *kbd_focus;
struct terminal *mouse_focus;
struct wayland *wayl_init(const struct config *conf, struct fdm *fdm);
void wayl_destroy(struct wayland *wayl);
void wayl_flush(struct wayland *wayl);
void wayl_roundtrip(struct wayland *wayl);
struct terminal *wayl_terminal_from_surface(
struct wayland *wayl, struct wl_surface *surface);
struct wl_window *wayl_win_init(struct terminal *term);
void wayl_win_destroy(struct wl_window *win);