A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
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foot - configuration file
*foot* uses the standard _unix configuration format_, with section based
key/value pairs. The default section is unnamed (i.e. not prefixed
with a _[section]_).
foot will search for a configuration file in the following locations,
in this order:
- _XDG_CONFIG_HOME/footrc_
- _~/.config/footrc_
# SECTION: default
Comma separated list of fonts to use, in fontconfig format (see
The first font is the primary font. The remaining fonts are
fallback fonts that will be used whenever a glyph cannot be found
in the primary font.
The fallback fonts are searched in the order they appear. If a
glyph cannot be found in any of the fallback fonts, the dynamic
fallback list from fontconfig (for the primary font) is
Default: _monospace_.
Initial window width and height, on the form _WIDTHxHEIGHT_.
Executable to launch. Typically a shell. Default: the user's
default shell (as specified in _/etc/passwd_).
Value to set the environment variable *TERM* to. Default: _foot_.
Number of scrollback lines. Default: _1000_.
Number of threads to use for rendering. Set to 0 to disable
multithreading. Default: the number of available logical CPUs
(including SMT). Note that this is not always the best value. In
some cases, the number of physical _cores_ is better.
# SECTION: cursor
Configures the default cursor style, and is one of: _block_, _bar_
or _underline_. Default: _block_.
Two RRGGBB values specifying the foreground (text) and background
(cursor) colors for the cursor. Default: inversed foreground and
background colors. Note that this value only applies to the block
cursor. The other cursor styles are always rendered with the
foreground color.
# SECTION: colors
Default RRGGBB foreground color. This is the color used when no
ANSI color is being used. Default: _dcdccc_.
Default RRGGBB background color. This is the color used when no
ANSI color is being used. Default: _111111_.
*regular0*, *regular1* *..* *regular7*
The eight basic ANSI colors. Default: _222222_, _cc9393_,
_7f9f7f_, _d0bf8f_, _6ca0a3_, _dc8cc3_, _93e0e3_ and _dcdccc_ (a
variant of the _zenburn_ theme).
*bright0*, *bright1* *..* *bright7*
The eight bright ANSI colors. Default: _666666_, _dca3a3_,
_bfebbf_, _f0dfaf_, _8cd0d3_, _fcace3_, _b3ffff_ and _ffffff_ (a
variant of the _zenburn_ theme).
Background translucency. A value in the range 0.0-1.0, where 0.0
means completely transparent, and 1.0 is opaque. Default: _1.0_.
The font is specified in FontConfig syntax. That is, a colon-separated
list of font name and font options.
- Dina:weight=bold:slant=italic
- Courier New:size=12