• Stable 1.9.0 fec5f8784b


    dnkl released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • Window title in the CSDs (#638).
    • -Ddocs=disabled|enabled|auto meson command line option.
    • Support for ~-expansion in the include directive (#659).
    • Unicode 13 characters U+1FB3C - U+1FB6F, U+1FB9A and U+1FB9B to list of box drawing characters rendered by foot itself (rather than using font glyphs) (#474).
    • XM+xm to terminfo.
    • Mouse buttons 6/7 (mouse wheel left/right).
    • url.uri-characters option to foot.ini (#654).


    • Terminfo files can now co-exist with the foot terminfo files from ncurses. See INSTALL.md for more information (#671).
    • bold-text-in-bright=palette-based now only brightens colors from palette
    • Raised grace period between closing the PTY and sending SIGKILL (when terminating the client application) from 4 to 60 seconds.
    • When terminating the client application, foot now sends SIGTERM immediately after closing the PTY, instead of waiting 2 seconds.
    • Foot now sends SIGTERM/SIGKILL to the client application’s process group, instead of just to the client application’s process.
    • kmous terminfo capability from \E[M to \E[<.
    • pt-or-px values (letter-spacing, etc) and the line thickness (tweak.box-drawing-base-thickness) in box drawing characters are now translated to pixel values using the monitor’s scaling factor when dpi-aware=no, or dpi-aware=auto and the scaling factor is larger than 1 (#680).


    • km/smm/rmm from terminfo; foot prefixes Alt-key combinations with ESC, and not by setting the 8:th “meta” bit, regardless of smm/rmm. While this can be disabled by, resetting private mode 1036, the terminfo should reflect the default behavior (#670).
    • Keypad application mode keys from terminfo; enabling the keypad application mode is not enough to make foot emit these sequences - you also need to disable private mode 1035 (#670).


    • Rendering into the right margin area with tweak.overflowing-glyphs enabled.
    • PGO builds with clang (#642).
    • Crash in scrollback search mode when selection has been canceled due to terminal content updates (#644).
    • Foot process not terminating when the Wayland connection is broken (#651).
    • Output scale being zero on compositors that does not advertise a scaling factor.
    • Slow-to-terminate client applications causing other footclient instances to freeze when closing a footclient window.
    • Underlying cell content showing through in the left-most column of sixels.
    • cursor.blink not working in GNOME (#686).
    • Blinking cursor stops blinking, or becoming invisible, when switching focus from, and then back to a terminal window on GNOME (#686).