• Stable 1.8.2 cd8c96d746


    dnkl released this 3 months ago | 271 commits to master since this release


    • locked-title=no|yes to foot.ini (#386).
    • tweak.overflowing-glyphs option, which can be enabled to fix rendering issues with glyphs of any width that appear cut-off (#592).


    • Non-empty lines are now considered to have a hard linebreak, unless an actual word-wrap is inserted.
    • Setting DECSDM now disables sixel scrolling, while resetting it enables scrolling (#631).


    • The tweak.allow-overflowing-double-width-glyphs and tweak.pua-double-width options (which have been superseded by tweak.overflowing-glyphs).


    • FD exhaustion when repeatedly entering/exiting URL mode with many URLs.
    • Double free of URL while removing duplicated and/or overlapping URLs in URL mode (#627).
    • Crash when an unclosed OSC-8 URL ran into un-allocated scrollback rows.
    • Some box-drawing characters were rendered incorrectly on big-endian architectures.
    • Crash when resizing the window to the smallest possible size while scrollback search is active.
    • Scrollback indicator being incorrectly rendered when window size is very small.
    • Reduced memory usage in URL mode.
    • Crash when the E3 escape (\E[3J) was executed, and there was a selection, or sixel image, in the scrollback (#633).