• Stable 1.7.2 0d4e61bbe8


    dnkl released this 6 months ago | 792 commits to master since this release


    • URxvt OSC-11 extension to set background alpha (#436).
    • OSC 17/117/19/119 - change/reset selection background/foreground color.
    • box-drawings-uses-font-glyphs=yes|no option to foot.ini (#430).


    • Underline cursor is now rendered below text underline (#415).
    • Foot now tries much harder to keep URL jump labels inside the window geometry (#443).
    • bold-text-in-bright may now be set to palette-based, in which case it will use the corresponding bright palette color when the color to brighten matches one of the base 8 colors, instead of increasing the luminance (#449).


    • Reverted "Consumed modifiers are no longer sent to the client application" (#425).
    • Crash caused by a double free originating in XTSMGRAPHICS - set number of color registers (#427).
    • Wrong action referenced in error message for key binding collisions (#432).
    • OSC 4/104 out-of-bounds accesses to the color table. This was the reason pywal turned foot windows ransparent (#434).
    • PTY not being drained when the client application terminates.
    • auto_left_margin not being limited to cub1 (#441).