• Stable 1.7.1 ca89f977b5


    dnkl released this 7 months ago | 805 commits to master since this release


    • Update PGO build instructions in INSTALL.md (#418).
    • In scrollback search mode, empty cells can now be matched by spaces.


    • Logic that repairs invalid key bindings ended up breaking valid key bindings instead (#407).
    • Custom line-height settings now scale when increasing or decreasing the font size at run-time.
    • Newlines sometimes incorrectly inserted into copied text (#410).
    • Crash when compositor send text-input-v3::enter events without first having sent a keyboard::enter event (#411).
    • Deadlock when rendering sixel images.
    • URL labels, scrollback search box or scrollback position indicator sometimes not showing up, caused by invalidly sized surface buffers when output scaling was enabled (#409).
    • Empty sixels resulted in non-empty images.