• Stable 1.7.0 be6f7ff934


    dnkl released this 7 months ago | 878 commits to master since this release


    • The pad option now accepts an optional third argument, center (e.g. pad=5x5 center), causing the grid to be centered in the window, with equal amount of padding of the left/right and top/bottom side #273).
    • line-height, letter-spacing, horizontal-letter-offset and vertical-letter-offset to foot.ini. These options let you tweak cell size and glyph positioning (#244).
    • Key/mouse binding select-extend-character-wise, which forces the selection mode to 'character-wise' when extending a selection.
    • DECSET 47, 1047 and 1048.
    • URL detection and OSC-8 support. URLs are highlighted and activated using the keyboard (no mouse support). See foot(1)::URLs, or README.md for details (#14).
    • -d,--log-level={info|warning|error} to both foot and footclient (#337).
    • -D,--working-directory=DIR to both foot and footclient (#347)
    • DECSET 80 - sixel scrolling (#361).
    • DECSET 1070 - sixel private color palette (#362).
    • DECSET 8452 - position cursor to the right of sixels (#363).
    • Man page foot-ctlseqs(7), documenting all supported escape sequences (#235).
    • Support for transparent sixels (DCS parameter P2=1) (#391).
    • -N,--no-wait to footclient (#395).
    • Completions for Bash shell (#10).


    • The fcft and tllist library subprojects are now handled via Meson wrap files instead of needing to be manually cloned.
    • Box drawing characters are now rendered by foot, instead of using font glyphs (#198)
    • Double- or triple clicking then dragging now extends the selection word- or line-wise (#267).
    • The line thickness of box drawing characters now depend on the font size (#281).
    • Extending a word/line-wise selection now uses the original selection mode instead of switching to character-wise.
    • While doing an interactive resize of a foot window, foot now requires 100ms of idle time (where the window size does not change) before sending the new dimensions to the client application. The timing can be tweaked, or completely disabled, by setting resize-delay-ms (#301).
    • CSI 13 ; 2 t now reports (0,0).
    • Key binding matching logic; key combinations like Control+Shift+C must now be written as either Control+C or Control+Shift+c, the latter being the preferred variant. (#376)
    • Consumed modifiers are no longer sent to the client application (#376).
    • The minimum version requirement for the libxkbcommon dependency is now 1.0.0.
    • Empty pixel rows at the bottom of a sixel is now trimmed.
    • Sixels with DCS parameter P2=0|2 now use the current ANSI background color for empty pixels instead of the default background color (#391).
    • Sixel decoding optimized; up to 100% faster in some cases.
    • Reported sixel “max geometry” from current window size, to the configured maximum size (defaulting to 10000x10000).


    • The -g,--geometry command-line option (which had been deprecated and superseded by -w,--window-size-pixels since 1.5.0).


    • Some mouse bindings (primary paste, for example) did not require shift to be pressed while used in a mouse grabbing application. This meant the mouse event was never seen by the application.
    • Terminals spawned with ctrl+shift+n not terminating when exiting shell (#366).
    • Default value of -t,--term in --help output when foot was built without terminfo support.
    • Drain PTY when the client application terminates.