• Stable 1.6.3 4c168b84cf


    dnkl released this 9 months ago | 1561 commits to master since this release


    • Completions for fish shell (#11)
    • FreeBSD support (#238).
    • IME popup location support: foot now sends the location of the cursor so any popup can be displayed near the text that is being typed.


    • Trailing comments in foot.ini must now be preceded by a space or tab (#270)
    • The scrollback search box no longer accepts non-printable characters.
    • Non-formatting C0 control characters, BS, HT and DEL are now stripped from pasted text.


    • Exit when the client application terminates, not when the TTY file descriptor is closed.
    • Crash on compositors not implementing the text input interface (#259).
    • Erased, overflowing glyphs (when tweak.allow-overflowing-double-width-glyphs=yes - the default) not properly erasing the cell overflowed into.
    • word-delimiters option ignores # and subsequent characters (#270)
    • Combining characters not being rendered when composed with colored bitmap glyphs (i.e. colored emojis).
    • Pasting URIs from the clipboard when the source has not newline-terminated the last URI (#291).
    • Sixel “current geometry” query response not being bounded by the current window dimensions (fixes lsix output)
    • Crash on keyboard input when repeat rate was zero (i.e. no repeat).
    • Wrong button encoding of mouse buttons 6 and 7 in mouse events.
    • Scrollback search not matching composed characters.
    • High CPU usage when holding down e.g. arrow keys while in scrollback search mode.
    • Rendering of composed characters in the scrollback search box.
    • IME pre-edit cursor when positioned at the end of the pre-edit string.
    • Scrollback search not matching multi-column characters.