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    dnkl released this 10 months ago | 1673 commits to master since this release

    For packagers

    Starting with this release, foot can be PGO:d (compiled using profile guided optimizations) without a running Wayland session. This means foot can be PGO:d in e.g. sandboxed build scripts. See INSTALL.md.


    • IME support. This is compile-time optional, see INSTALL.md (#134).
    • DECSET escape to enable/disable IME: CSI ? 737769 h enables IME and CSI ? 737769 l disables it. This can be used to e.g. enable/disable IME when entering/leaving insert mode in vim.
    • dpi-aware option to foot.ini. The default, auto, sizes fonts using the monitor’s DPI when output scaling has been disabled. If output scaling has been enabled, fonts are sized using the scaling factor. DPI-only font sizing can be forced by setting dpi-aware=yes. Setting dpi-aware=no forces font sizing to be based on the scaling factor (#206).
    • Implement reverse auto-wrap (auto_left_margin, bw, in terminfo). This mode can be enabled/disabled with CSI ? 45 h and CSI ? 45 l. It is enabled by default (#150).
    • bell option to foot.ini. Can be set to set-urgency to make foot render the margins in red when receiving BEL while not having keyboard focus. Applications can dynamically enable/disable this with the CSI ? 1042 h and CSI ? 1042 l escape sequences. Note that Wayland does not implement an urgency hint like X11, but that there is a proposal to add support for this. The value set-urgency was chosen for forward-compatibility, in the hopes that this proposal eventualizes (#157).
    • bell option can also be set to notify, in which case a desktop notification is emitted when foot receives BEL in an unfocused window.
    • word-delimiters option to foot.ini (#156).
    • csd.preferred can now be set to none to disable window decorations. Note that some compositors will render SSDs despite this option being used (#163).
    • Terminal content is now auto-scrolled when moving the mouse above or below the window while selecting
    • font-bold, font-italic font-bold-italic options to foot.ini. These options allow custom bold/italic fonts. They are unset by default, meaning the bold/italic version of the regular font is used (#169).
    • Drag & drop support; text, files and URLs can now be dropped in a foot terminal window (#175).
    • clipboard-paste and primary-paste scrollback search bindings. By default, they are bound to ctrl+v ctrl+y and shift+insert respectively, and lets you paste from the clipboard or primary selection into the search buffer.
    • Support for pipe-* actions in mouse bindings. It was previously not possible to add a command to these actions when used in mouse bindings, making them useless (#183).
    • bold-text-in-bright option to foot.ini. When enabled, bold text is rendered in a brighter color (#199).
    • -w,--window-size-pixels and -W,--window-size-chars command line options to footclient (#189).
    • Short command line options for --title, --maximized, --fullscreen, --login-shell, --hold and --check-config.
    • DECSET escape to modify the escape key to send \E[27;1;27~ instead of \E: CSI ? 27127 h enables the new behavior, CSI ? 27127 l disables it (the default).
    • OSC 777;notify: desktop notifications. Use in combination with the new notify option in foot.ini (#224).
    • Status line terminfo capabilities hs, tsl, fsl and dsl. This enables e.g. vim to set the window title (#242).


    • Blinking text now uses the foreground color, but dimmed down in its off state, instead of the background color.
    • Sixel default maximum size is now 10000x10000 instead of the current window size.
    • Graphical glitches/flashes when resizing the window while running a fullscreen application, i.e. the 'alt' screen (#221).
    • Cursor will now blink if either CSI ? 12 h or CSI Ps SP q has been used to enable blinking. cursor.blink in foot.ini controls the default state of CSI Ps SP q (#218).
    • The sub-parameter versions of the SGR RGB color escapes (e.g \E[38:2...m) can now be used without the color space ID parameter.
    • SGR 21 no longer disables bold. According to ECMA-48, SGR 21 is ”double underline”. Foot does not (yet) implement that, but that’s no reason to implement a non-standard behavior.
    • DECRQM now returns actual state of the requested mode, instead of always returning 2.


    • Support for loading configuration from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/footrc.
    • scrollback option from foot.ini.
    • geometry from foot.ini.
    • Key binding action scrollback-up and scrollback-down.


    • Error when re-assigning a default key binding (#233).
    • \E[s+\E[u (save/restore cursor) now saves and restores attributes and charset configuration, just like \E7+\E8`.
    • Report mouse motion events to the client application also while dragging the cursor outside the grid.
    • Parsing of the sub-parameter versions of indexed SGR color escapes (e.g. \E[38:5...m)
    • Frames occasionally being rendered while application synchronized updates is in effect.
    • Handling of failures to parse the font specification string.
    • Extra private/intermediate characters in escape sequences not being ignored.