• Stable 1.5.3 90abdab345


    dnkl released this 12 months ago | 2087 commits to master since this release


    • Crash when libxkbcommon cannot find a suitable libX11 compose file. Note that foot will run, but without support for dead keys (#170).
    • Restored window size when window is un-tiled.
    • XCursor shape in CSD corners when window is tiled.
    • Error handling when processing keyboard input (maybe #171).
    • Compilation error "overflow in conversion from long 'unsigned int' to 'int' changes value... " seen on platforms where the request argument in ioctl(3) is an int (for example: linux/ppc64).
    • Crash when using the mouse in alternate scroll mode in an unfocused window (#179).
    • Character dropped from selection when "right-click-hold"-extending a selection (#180).