• Stable 1.5.0 bfe3dfaf5c


    dnkl released this 1 year ago | 106 commits to releases/1.5 since this release


    • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/footrc/~/.config/footrc. Use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/foot/foot.ini/~/.config/foot/foot.ini instead.
    • scrollback option in foot.ini. Use scrollback.lines instead.
    • scrollback-up key binding. Use scrollback-up-page instead.
    • scrollback-down key binding. Use scrollback-down-page instead.


    • Scrollback position indicator. This feature is optional and controlled by the scrollback.indicator-position and
      scrollback.indicator-format options in foot.ini (#42).
    • Key bindings in scrollback search mode are now configurable.
    • --check-config command line option.
    • pipe-selected key binding. Works like pipe-visible and pipe-scrollback, but only pipes the currently selected text, if any (#51).
    • mouse.hide-when-typing option to foot.ini.
    • scrollback.multiplier option to foot.ini (#54).
    • colors.selection-foreground and colors.selection-background options to foot.ini.
    • tweak.render-timer option to foot.ini.
    • Modifier support in mouse bindings (#77).
    • Click count support in mouse bindings, i.e double- and triple-click (#78).
    • All mouse actions (begin selection, select word, select row etc) are now configurable, via the new select-begin, select-begin-block, select-extend, select-word, select-word-whitespace and select-row options in the mouse-bindings section in foot.ini (#79).
    • Implement XTSAVE/XTRESTORE escape sequences, CSI ? Ps s and CSI ? Ps r (#91).
    • $COLORTERM is now set to truecolor at startup, to indicate support for 24-bit RGB colors.
    • Experimental support for rendering double-width glyphs with a character width of 1. Must be explicitly enabled with tweak.allow-overflowing-double-width-glyphs (#116).
    • initial-window-size-pixels options to foot.ini and -w,--window-size-pixels command line option to foot. This option replaces the now deprecated geometry and -g,--geometry options.
    • initial-window-size-chars option to foot.ini and -W,--window-size-chars command line option to foot. This option configures the initial window size in characters, and is an alternative to initial-window-size-pixels.
    • scrollback-up-half-page and scrollback-down-half-page key bindings. They scroll up/down half of a page in the scrollback (#128).
    • scrollback-up-line and scrollback-down-line key bindings. They scroll up/down a single line in the scrollback.
    • mouse.alternate-scroll-mode option to foot.ini. This option controls the initial state of the Alternate Scroll Mode, and defaults to yes. When enabled, mouse scroll events are translated to up/down key events in the alternate screen, letting you scroll in e.g. less and other applications without enabling native mouse support in them (#135).


    • Renamed man page for foot.ini from foot(5) to foot.ini(5).
    • Configuration errors are no longer fatal; foot will start and print an error inside the terminal (and of course still log errors on stderr).
    • Default --server socket path to use $WAYLAND_DISPLAY instead of $XDG_SESSION_ID (#55).
    • Trailing empty cells are no longer highlighted in mouse selections.
    • Foot now searches for its configuration in $XDG_DATA_DIRS/foot/foot.ini, if no configuration is found in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/foot/foot.ini or in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/footrc.
    • Minimum window size changed from four rows and 20 columns, to 1 row and 2 columns.
    • scrollback-up/down renamed to scrollback-up/down-page.
    • fcft >= 2.3.0 is now required.


    • Command lines for pipe-visible and pipe-scrollback are now tokenized (i.e. syntax checked) when the configuration is loaded, instead of every time the key binding is executed.
    • Incorrect multi-column character spacer insertion when reflowing text.
    • Compilation errors in 32-bit builds.
    • Mouse cursor style in top and left margins.
    • Selection is now updated when the cursor moves outside the grid (#70).
    • Viewport sometimes not moving when doing a scrollback search.
    • Crash when canceling a scrollback search and the window had been resized while searching.
    • Selection start point not moving when the selection changes direction.
    • OSC 10/11/104/110/111 (modify colors) did not update existing screen content (#94).
    • Extra newlines when copying empty cells (#97).
    • Mouse events from being sent to client application when a mous binding has consumed it.
    • Input events from getting mixed with paste data (#101).
    • Missing DPI values for “some” monitors on Gnome (#118).
    • Handling of multi-column composed characters while reflowing.
    • Escape sequences sent for key combinations with Return, that did not include Alt.
    • Clipboard (or primary selection) is now cleared when receiving an OSC-52 command with an invalid base64 encoded payload.
    • Cursor position being set outside the grid when reflowing text.
    • CSD buttons to be hidden when window size becomes so small that they no longer fit.